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It’s Time for Mitch McConnell To Go

We on the conservative Right are quick to castigate “The Swamp” and the “Deep State” in Washington, DC, and rightly so. Neither serve the American people, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, whatever denomination. But just under the indignation is a reluctant acceptance. We love to complain but when the rubber hits the road, we never really do anything about it.

How many times have you complained about Congress only to defend your own Congress creature? I know I have done it. And how many times has your party begged for money from you so they can “target” so-and-so on the other side in the next election?

Today, I am taking square aim at one of our own, not to remove him from office – no I will not acquiesce to the “cancel culture” lunacy, but to demote him from leadership. I am doing so because he does not serve the people, he does not serve the party, he just serves himself and his lust for power and control.

Consider this statement, made by a Republican in leadership in the US Senate just moments after former-President Trump was acquitted for a second time at an impeachment trail, an impeachment that again was based on nothing:

“There’s no question – none – that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of [January 6th]. No question about it. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president…The leader of the free world cannot spend weeks thundering that shadowy forces are stealing our country and then feign surprise when people believe him and do reckless things.”

These are the words of the highest-ranking Republican in Washington, DC, currently, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). And more inaccurate and unproductive they could not be.

First and foremost, I reject that there was no chicanery in the 2020 General Election.

We had a cowardly US Supreme Court that refused to hear a seminal case in whether states whose executive branches formulated election law in fat violated the US Constitution, as the Constitution vests that power solely with the state legislatures.

We had routine violations of election law in several key states – and within those states critical urban areas – that saw poll watchers and credentialed Republican election officials tantamount to being forcefully excluded from the ballot counting process.

And in those same battleground states, we saw ballot counting stop, poll workers released from duty, and then counting begin again with anointed skeleton crews.

All of these instances, all of these points, are valid complaints that McConnell should have been screaming about in real time. But what did we hear? A low-toned reluctant complaint that was drown out by just about any other audible sound on the planet.

The man who should have been leading the charge for the Republican rank-and-file was sitting on his hands, too concerned with retaining his own seat and, in fact, riding on President Trump’s accomplishment coattails to do so.

McConnell failed to hold the majority in the US Senate during the 2020 General Election.

McConnell single-handedly lost the two run-off races in Georgia with his blunder about not wanting to pass a $2,000 COVID relief package. That blunder – and make no mistake, it was a colossal blunder – cost the Republicans control of the Senate and sentenced the American people to two years of one-party rule at the hand of the most totalitarian, fascist administration ever to sit in the Oval Office.

And how doe Republicans in Washington, DC, punish McConnell for his failures, for his disloyalty, for his selfish exploitation of his elected position? They re-elect him t o leadership, this time as Senate Minority Leader.

How stupid are the Senate Republicans to do this? I have to say abundantly so.

McConnell wasn’t done with his caustic, unproductive screed – a screed that, mind you, offended 75 million voters (how stupid is McConnell?):

“President Trump is still liable for everything he did while he’s in office…He didn’t get away with anything yet.”

Sounds as though he wants an investigation, a prosecution. It certainly sounds like he will join with Democrats should they try to invoke the 14th Amendment against the former-President.

A person who holds these positions and who has presided over the litany of failures, such as McConnell has, who has effectively forced the Republican Party to be subservient to a group of people who actually hate the United States, well, that person – Mitch McConnell – should not be in a position of leadership, and most definitely not the Senate Minority Leader.

It is time for Senate Republicans to call an emergency meeting and remove McConnell from leadership. It is time for the “go along to get along”, “it’s my turn” Republican apparatus to be destroyed and for a new era of constitutionally minded, limited government Republicans to talk the helm.

McConnell’s day has long passed. His devotion to the swamp is proof of that.

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Frank Salvato

You can read all of Mr. Salvato's news analysis at UndergroundUSA.com Frank Salvato is the executive partner at The CompassPoint Group, LLC. He is the host of The Underground and RightMinded podcasts as heard on iHeart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, and anywhere podcasts are heard. He is a national political writer for National File. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His analysis has been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times, and Accuracy in Media, and is nationally syndicated. Mr. Salvato appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is the author of six books examining internal and external threats facing our country. He can be heard twice weekly on “The Captain’s America: Third Watch” radio program syndicated nationally on the Salem Broadcasting Network and Genesis Communications affiliate stations.

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  1. No McConnell YOU ARE WRONG!!! The “People” should not allow a fraudulent election to stand! You are also wrong in that YOU are OUR employee and you forget your place, also the Capitol Building IS “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE” Not yours! WE PAY for it, we pay the salaries of ALL those that go there… and now you have locked us out, why? Because of a “False Flag that you and YOUR ENEMIES set up! Do you really think we are that blind and stupid? It is a KNOWN fact that all this was pre-planned, and that YOU and the Speaker (Pelosi) were warned! Even President Trump asked for 10,000 troops, and you and the speaker allowed this to happen, we also know about the pipe bombs that were placed BOTH against the Republican AND Democratic party BEFORE the strike of your paid actors., now who has been prone to violence… NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS YA A$$HAT! We are sick and tired of the “Blame game” just because YOU do not like a NON-Politician, a “Actual Citizen” doing a BETTER Job than ALL of you combined… Let me tell you McConnell and GOP WE Will No Longer Take the Blame.. Stick it, and YES I call for a RECALL! This is lunacy that these so called “Representatives That NEVER represent the people any more are in office and are paid by OUR tax dollars!

  2. Message sent to McConnell just now at https://www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactform

    McConnell – What is even more troubling than the latest fully Un-Constitutional, off-the-charts federally-criminal attempt to impeach President Trump for a second time is that YOU, along with EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF CONGRESS, and seven in SCOTUS, FACTUALLY KNOW THAT THE 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from “We The People…”, YOUR EMPLOYERS, and President Trump. Yet you consider yourself a “Law-Maker”?


    In the meantime, we hear the Chao family calling you from CHINA … They need another favor from you on behalf of Xi Jinping. Mighty as well alert the rest of OF YOUR UN-GLOBALIST and CHINA-SERVING TREASONOUS, SUBVERSIVE AND SEDITIOUS FELLOW CRIMINALS IN CONGRESS about CHINA needing another favor, you SACK OF TREACHEROUS RAW SEWAGE.

    HOMEWORK: What is the difference between “LYING” and “BEARING FALSE WITNESS”…? You should know, since it is now glaringly obvious how you have proven over the last four months to be a master at both.

  3. I feel as you do but unfortunately we cannot recall a sitting congressperson. Congress themselves would have to impeach McConnell and I don’t see that happening, they all stick together come hell or high water. He can be voted out next election but that will be awhile and in that time he can do some damage. Will have to try to talk other Republican Senators into dethroning him as speaker. Maybe there are some unafraid Republicans in the Senate who can help but don’t count on it.

  4. I agree. He’s been a thorn in Trumps side and the party’s side but he keeps getting elected or is it a fraud election too?
    His wife is a trader and sat next to Trump spying all the while, in my opinion. It’s time we form a new party – MAGA
    Patriots here we come….

  5. McConnell just couldn’t contain himself. He should have had the courage of his convictions and voted to impeach Trump. However, he is more concerned with his political future than honoring his own conscience. He is an establishment Republican whose time has passed. He has no place in the MAGA movement and can’t be part of the plan going forward. He should have the grace to remove himself from leadership before the inevitable happens.

  6. Mitch the RAT needs to go, this article I just was reading “hit the nail on the head”.
    I watch the speech that the RAT gave, I could not believe what I heard.
    This is more proof that our president was rob from the election.
    “O” yea RAT Romney is worst of them all.

  7. Mitch, to repeat the direct message through his website, thank you for your service. I urge you to step aside and let another senator take the reins while collaborating on winning tactics/fortification with Trump and conservatives.

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