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Even Apolitical Households Can’t Ignore Cancel Culture Now

The Blue State Conservative

At the risk of perpetuating gender stereotypes, men and women in the least political households have all had mainstream cancel culture brought into their homes. After this past week, no one can pretend the destructive forces of leftist cancellations are mere figments of conservatives’ collective imagination. While cancellation itself is awful, if there is any silver lining it is that no one can claim ignorance of the phenomenon.

The ostensible firing of Gina Carrano, for an innocuous and truth-telling tweet, heightens awareness of cancel culture to MMA- and Star Wars-loving men across the country. These two communities hardly unite under a single ideological banner. Joe Rogan hosts not only telecasts of MMA, but the nation’s largest podcast series; he might speak common sense but he is no Trumper. He’s beloved by libertarians types, who confusingly and contradictory also support socialism. At one point he even threw his weight behind Bernie Sanders.

Critics of the firing have rightly pointed out that the reason for her termination (tweeting Holocaust-related content) has been entirely ingored when the Mandalorian’s frontrunner, Pedro Pascal, shared far worse memes. Let’s also not pretend that four the past five years we have bathed in Hiterl and Nazi comparisons. There is then the undeniable truth that Disney not only ignored, but defended, blatantly anti-white and racist tweets from one of its black hires. Plain and simple, Carrano was fired for not reading directly from Hollywood’s exact script.

Men, now you know.

The recent resignation (resign or be fired, I am sure) of Chris Harrison, the host of a long-running ABC franchise where beautiful contestants vie for social media influence – and sometimes a love interest – comes amidst his truthful observation of shifting cultural norms and expectations. Every single woman in the country either watches the show or knows someone who watches the show. They’ve grown up with Harrison as a host, and now have to watch him disappear from the screen.

My first thought of the Harrison scandal/non-scandal was to victim blame; doesn’t he know the rules? He should have expected fierce backlash from the Twitterati for telling a black host that an antebellum sorority party from years ago was super racist. He should have known it was essentially as racist as owning slaves on the very plantation where the party was hosted. Of course, we cannot victim blame in this culture, nor should we in the case of Harrison. The phrase that got him in trouble was that we [American society] should not necessarily judge someone for something they did in 2018 through the lens of 2021. You think?

Women, now you know.

Harrison, like most before him, caved to the pressure and the desire to be loved. He submitted the same tired trifecta of “I should have known better,” My words perpetuate systemic racism,” and “I promise to do better.”  There is a precise script. As always happens, though, his apology wasn’t enough. Like the Native tribes that collected scalps or the medieval lords that stuck severed heads on posts, Harrison’s fate was a foregone conclusion and would be used as a shot fired across the bow of orthodoxy-challenging culture. Apology or not, the left only heaps bodies in their bottomless pits.

Carrano took a different approach. She stood up to the moral midgets. News of her firing lasted mere hours before she and the Daily Wire announced an incipient partnership. She will return stronger than ever. This is the only way to end future cancellations – by standing up to them unapologetically.

There is an imperative to any conversation with friends and family that lament the loss of Cara Dune’s ass-handing sidekickery on The Mandalorian or Chris Harrison’s charismatic hosting of The Bachelor. We must name the fact that leftism, and all of its insane intersectional demands and shifting rules, were the only cause of what happened. It had nothing to do with offensive tweets or miscommunicated explanations; both spoke only the truth, and for that they were blackballed. Donald Trump was a lot of things, but he was an inclusive patriot. He courted and provided for all Americans of all races and creeds and backgrounds.

Can the same be said of the unifying left, led by Jo Bai Den? Did it feel like a unifying week when making objectively true observations cost two beloved television stars their jobs?

Men and women who sat on the fence in the 2020 election, and were likely swayed by peer and media pressure to vote against Donald Trump, have been given a serious wake-up call. Their votes did not unify the country nor did they quell the mob. Leftism is stronger than ever, propped up by foolish and ignorant Americans who thought Trump was the real problem. Conservatives keep thinking that each Biden disaster or every cultural event will enlighten the brainwashed masses. The BLM riots did not; exposed Covid hypocrites and lies have not; Biden’s executive order authoritarianism has not.

Will this latest episode of cancellations finally do it? I can only hold my breath for so long.

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