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Enjoy The Next Time A Democrat Governor Forces You To Wear A Worthless Mask, Because They Have Worse Things Coming, Soon

If the forced wearing of the scientifically proven-worthless facial masks made you feel as though you were being treated like a misbehaving child and not as an adult who could make decisions for him- or herself, then you are going to be doubly upset with Joey Biden and his posse of rabid freedom-hating Democrats, when they impose their idiotic National Emergency rules to remedy the environmental “crisis” that no one is aware of except those brilliant “seers”, the same fools who gave you open borders, killed thousands of American jobs by shutting down the Keystone pipeline, threatens to shut down access to the state of Florida because the governor of that sate is a Republican, and made America dependent once again on the Middle East Arab nations for our domestic energy supply.

One can only hope that they will let us at least breathe freely and remove the worthless masks before they try to make us fix the environmental “crisis” by giving up our cars and outlawing air conditioners in August. But being the constitutional outlaws they are, they’ll probably demand double or triple masking and impose their new environmental regulations on top of the current misery they are causing our nation with their idiotic masks and the economy-destroying national shutdown.

And then, if I know how leftist Democrats will behave, the feeble Joey Biden will likely declare a new threat of “Domestic Terrorism” when describing any person who refuses to abide by whatever dictatorial rule the Democrats impose during this non-existent environmental “crisis”.

One of the new classifications of a Domestic Terrorist will likely be a person who refuses to wear a mask or who insists on driving himself to work, or taking his family on a short vacation in his own automobile. And if you become a suspect of environmental terrorism because you wish to move about freely and express your dislike with the new administration’s 1984 idea of a free nation, as the constitution states you have a right to do, and if Joey’s government investigates you and discovers that you have any money in savings or in a retirement account, they’ll likely confiscate it as being gained from ill-gotten contributions from Donald Trump’s domestic terrorist cabal. And then they’ll slap you in prison.

Old Joey told us a few months ago that there will be a “dark winter ahead”, but he failed to tell us that the darkness would be due to his own policy decisions, his unconstitutional executive orders and the far-left radicals he has appointed to his administration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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