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What is Trump Doing Now?

Watching the crap from conspiracy outlets (you know who you are) has increasingly motivated me to tell that which I am not supposed to know.

First, sources are protected. When they tell you that information is “off the record” you cannot mention their name or in any way indicate that they are the source.

So, while I watch the myriad of crap stories with terrible sourcing talk about former President Donald Trump starting a new political party, that Joe Biden is signing blank executive orders, or that Biden isn’t even in the White House… I struggle with how to report what I know.

I hate writing stories without named sources. I don’t work for CNN, MSNBC, NBCNews, the New York Times, the Washington Post or any other untrustworthy outlet. Because of that, I struggle to report what I have been told.

I cannot, in good conscience, back the claims of the anonymous officials making these statements. You will have to evaluate them for yourself. One struggle for conservative journalists is that no one in government wants to talk to you.

What is Trump Doing?

According to my sources, who wish to not be named, he is focused on the Republican primaries that start in about 12 months.

He is compiling a list Republicans who he feels should be replaced during the primaries.

While none of my sources would say so, there is likely a massive fund-raising effort planned so that Trump can back who he likes with money – which sadly decides American politics.

What Trump is NOT doing

Former President Trump is NOT creating a new party. The Conservative Party, Constitution Party and Libertarian party already offer alternatives to the GOP and adding another alternative would only ensure that Democrats hold Congress forever.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Well we will see about all this. I think he’s up to more than that. He won. They cheated, everyone knows it, and it’s not over. Fake Biden is illigitamate.

  2. It’s not right that they get away with all these crimes. Trump did not drain the swamp as promised because all the swamp creatures are still there. We need to be ready because out constitution is at risk, our freedoms are already being infringed upon,

  3. Trump tried to drain the swamp. Unfortunately, many who he had thought supported him were getting paid off or had things hanging over their heads that could be cause for blackmail by others in the swamp.

  4. I’m pretty sure it’s not that they don’t want to talk to “conservative journalists”, they just don’t want to talk to someone who’s opinion is less valuable than a preschooler’s about what they had for lunch that day. No offense.

    Opinions are not news, nor are unsubstantiated claims from “anonymous” sources who’s information can’t be verified.

    Unfortunately, you’re part of the problem.

    Constantly pointing fingers and not actually coming up with solutions where everyone is involved and working together isn’t productive. It’s not about Dems, Repubs or Trumpazis. It’s not about colors or even education level (although lack of it is a massive factor, obviously.

    It’s about acceptance, communicating effectively, empathy and compassion, and eradicating racism and bigotry. If these are absent, you will have tyranny. That is where we’re heading.

    Then what, the “America First” agenda? Good luck with being an island in the world where no one wants to do business or conduct trade with you.

    A reckoning is heading this way for this country if we don’t change course.

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