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Watch: White House Press Briefing with Jen Psaki, Susan Rice – 1/26/21 [video + notes]

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and White House Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice hold a briefing Tuesday.

This post will be updated with notes and analysis during and after the briefing. The full video is at the bottom of the page.

Susan Rice

note: unless in quotes, notes are paraphrased for clarity and brevity

In a prepared statement, Rice repackaged redistribution of wealth and equality of outcome as racial equity and racial justice while ignoring the cultural issues that cause disparities between different communities even where equality of opportunity exists.

Rice also said that the Biden administration would not renew any contracts for privately-run prisons.

Q: Biden promised to submit a bill on day one ending liability protections for gun makers. Where is that?
A: We’ve done a lot in the first few days. Leave us something to do in the next few days.

The executive order to be signed today will only apply to DOJ prisons, not privately-run institutions.

Q: How concerned are you about the threat of white nationalism and what are you doing about it?
A: It’s clear to all Americans how serious a problem we face from nationalists and white supremacists. The president has ordered the intelligence community to compile a comprehensive assessment of the nature and threat of this challenge. The National Security Council (NSC) has set up a capacity to focus on domestic violent extremism (DVE). We’re taking it quite seriously.

Q: What is the administration doing about the relationship between black communities and police and mass incarceration?
Q: Republican legislatures have said they will rollback election changes made during the 2020 election. How will the administration stop that?
A: On Policing: This is something we are committed to addressing. Stay tuned.
A: On election changes: It’s a matter of real concern. We will continue to work with Congress to advance democratic reforms.

Q: As executive actions are easily reversed by future administrations, what steps are you taking to codify these or make them permanent?
A: To codify something requires Congress to pass a law and the president to sign it.

Jen Psaki

note: unless in quotes, notes are paraphrased for clarity and brevity

Q: How much more of the vaccine will be distributed to the states and how quickly?
A: We are working with governors to address that.

Q: Biden said yesterday that he didn’t think Democrats had the votes to convict Trump, but that he thought the trial needed to go on. Why?
A: The president hopes the Senate will find a way to handle the trial and Biden’s agenda.

In response to a question on herd immunity, Psaki immediately watered-down some commitments made by President Biden in yesterday’s Q&A session:

  • Biden’s commitment to full vaccine availability in the Spring watered down to “his desire for greater availability in the Spring”
  • Biden’s promise that anyone who wants a vaccination will be able to get on in the Spring to “more Americans will have access as quickly as possible”

Q: How much vaccine is in the stockpile?
A: We get daily updates through multiple systems and we’re connecting all the dots. The president will have more of an update this afternoon.

Q: Are the rioters in Portland and Seattle being viewed through the same DVE lense as the the Jan 6 riot?
A: All violence is being treated the same by the DNI (Director of National Intelligence)

Q: Sen. Schumer said last night that he wants Pres. Biden to declare climate change a national emergency. Is that something Biden is considering?
A: Climate change is one of the four crises are central to his time as the President. There will be more to share in coming days. (question not answered)

Q: How much is left from the last Covid bill to spend?
A: What we’re focused on now is what’s needed for now and the months ahead. The size of the $1.9 trillion plan is what economists and experts told the president was needed. (not really answered)

Q: Trump signed executive order restricting exports of US made vaccines to foreign countries. Will Biden reverse that?
A: I’ll have to check

Q: What companies have is the Biden administration working with to accelerate vaccination availability?
A: I don’t have any specific companies to give you.

Q: What are the administration’s plans for Guantanamo?
A: I don’t have anything on that.

Q: Fauci said yesterday the goal is 100 million doses in 100 days. That is in conflict with Biden’s committment yesterday of 150 million doses in 100 days. Did he misspeak?
A: The president didn’t change the goal, he just said he hopes they can do even more. (similar to the watering down of other Biden statements earlier in the briefing)

Q: Will the administration force the SBA to give criminals access to PPP funds?
A: I’ll have to circle back with you.

Q: Some officials say herd immunity in the fall, Biden said Spring, which is it?
A: Everyone won’t even be eligible this Spring. Biden will rely on Fauci and experts as to when herd immunity can be reached.

Q: How will minority communities be given better access to the vaccine?
A: Mobile unites, pharmacies and medical centers in those areas.

Q: How with the administration measure success on racial equity?
A: We’re making racial equity a priority across the government.

Q: Will you bring back the Skype video capability for reporters who can’t be in the briefing room due to COVID?
A: Certainly

Q: Does the president believe he can attain unity with the 74 million Trump voters while simultaneously holding a trial against his opponent who has already left office?
A: wandering non-answer…

Q: Is Biden against the pipeline between Russia and Germany?
A: Yes.

Q: Biden said anyone who wants a shot will be able to get one by Spring and we’ll have herd immunity by Summer. How is that possible considering CDC says supply won’t increase until March and the states are having so many distribution issues?
A: The president will have more to say later this afternoon. The president hopes to increase availability but the fact is that every American is NOT going to even be eligible this Spring much less vaccinated. (this is a complete walk back of Biden’s commitment during the Q&A yesterday)

Live Stream of White House Press Briefing 01-26-2021

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