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Trump Creates ‘Office of the Former President’

Troll or preparation? Ah, who cares? It’s epic Trump.

Former President Donald Trump has officially opened “The Office of the Former President” in Florida to further his America First agenda.

A statement from the office said that Trump created it to “advance the interest of the United States” and to “carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing and public activism.”

The office is seated in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the same city as the former president’s residence at Mar-a-Lago.

While many speculated that Trump would create a third party or create some sort of media empire, insiders have made clear that he intends to advance primary challenges against Republicans who failed to support the America First agenda.

This looks to be the first step to reforming the Republican party into the American party and who doesn’t love Trump’s dig at Biden’s ‘office of the president-elect’?

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  1. It’s what America needs to hear right now. I was ready to unregister as a Republican but decided to wait a bit and see what President Trump might do. I guess I’ll be a Republican for a little while longer. Good luck, President Trump. A lot of us will be behind you and your agenda.

  2. We’re 80+million strong registered republicans, but we need to clean out the RINO’s and make it about American First. We just need to re-brand the republican party. We must unite and send a loud message in 2022 mid terms. Making a new party would destroy the conservative movement, because you’d be asking 80+ M people to go fill out another form…we all know that wouldn’t work and for old school and new school republicans. I believe with TRUMP’S leadership and Constitutional Americans waking up to being sold out to the communist Democrat Party via the RINO’s. It’s time to take back our local, state , governorships and federal offices with people that conservative in nature. Remember it all starts at the local level. It’s also time to investigate the national school system. It’s turned into a indoctrination camps for our youth.

  3. This re-ordering of the Republican Party needs to be organized, and those who run the organization also need to be replaced, in addition to the corrupt politicians being replaced. I have done these things for corporate America for years—I know how this movement needs to be implemented, and I will take part! HOWEVER, if they utilize Dominion machines and online software in elections, then all is lost…it will never be straight fair elections again. We know who has the ‘backdoors’ into these systems and their software. So, is Former President Trump going to help us organize as a country, or will he just act independently? If we dont have organization and leadership as 80+ million people into structured communications, extensive distribution channels of plans, communications and road maps, plus focused strategic and tactical plans to implement, then we will end up with a hodge-podge of events that waste energy and lead to nothing. I want to help, but can’t find any contact information to F.Pres T’s new office. Please post if you find it.

  4. Yes, we need to communicate with President Trump. Because he is still the tip of the spear of our Tea Party, Constitutionalist, MAGA movement.
    A fraudulent, stolen election does not make Biden president.

  5. At this point, it seems that the best way to find communication links are to try LinkedIn or just try combinations to find a URL connection.

  6. ATTN CONSERVATIVE DAILY NEWS: Please provide the email address, mailing address, and phone numbers for this organization. They must be on that document that you published above. We need to be able to communicate with, and receive communications from, that office – and no one is going to make this easy.

    READERS: If anyone is able to find out this info, please post it here.

  7. I really want to send a thank-you letter to President Trump. Does anyone have any idea how we can do this and make sure it gets to HIM? It seems that if there is an address for this Office of the Former President (HOW I LOVE HIS SENSE OF HUMOR!!!) it would be the perfect place. Any advice, anyone?

  8. Yes, this is great news to hear! I’m looking forward to information on how to make contact to get involved. Thank you President Trump!

  9. I am excited to bring my American Wellness Advocacy business to this movement. I am looking for an email as well. I’ll get my resume up on LinkedIn ASAP….and I’m moving to FLORIDA…LETS DO THIS!!! How much lighter is my heart after seeing this new office open, what a champ…our American champion…former …best chess movement….I love It!!!

  10. The only way we are going to stop the democrats is with our pocketbooks. I recommend that every Trump supporter who works for an employer and has taxes taken out of his or her paycheck immediately increase their W4 withholding allowances so that the smallest amount of taxes possible is deducted. I’m not sure how business owners and the self-employed would do this but those who are probably know better than I do. There is absolutely nothing illegal about this. The worst possible outcome is that one would pay a fine when filing their 2021 taxes for not having enough withheld, but if we can get enough people to do this maybe our voices will finally be heard and we will be able to make up the difference or return our withholding to normal before the end of the year.


  12. Has there been an “Office of the Former President” website established? If so what is it?

  13. So sorry that Operation Cry Baby did not work, although the Trumpnuts did kill five people and injure sixty people. Love it that the “Law and Order” Prez. had his fanatic fans KILL the Capitol police. But Prez. Bimbo and his loyal followers, must continue with the Million Moron, white trash army. (Enquiring minds want to know. ) Anyone can join, at long as you have the IQ of a turnip and the morals of a turd ! Yeah. Everyone knows that the GOP is not the Grand Old Party. Yep. On January 20, 2021 at 12 Noon, the GOP officially became the AFP or the American Fascist Party ! Now all the Trumpnuts are dressing up like dominatrix, goth guys in all black leather, from head-to-toe ! Can’t wait to see all those Until Death Do Us Part Trump fanatics at the Fort Mar-a-Lago Loyalty induction ceremony, coming up soon. Maybe it will all be featured in the next People Magazine or NewsMax this week. Seig Heil, Herr Trump.

    1. Insults. Typical. Unity through intimidation and censorship. Fascist party? That’s ironic. Can we all discuss based on facts without trying to tear down one another? Use principle not emotion. We are all created equal and all enjoy the same freedom of speech. What does weaponizing it solve? Know your principles, know your facts, know the position of the person or people you direct your comments to and maintain a level-head. No one gains support or changes anyone’s mind through anger and insults. If you truly want to make a difference then research. There are plenty of good resources. The Constitution is a great place to start.

  14. I saw on newsmax they said to address letters/thanks you’s, etc to President Trump at the Trump tower in NYC

  15. Finally something Awesome to look forward to! Heck with former, it is still President Trump!

  16. Maybe start communication by visiting Don Jr. ‘s Instagram and send him a message there! If his inbox is swarmed with messages, maybe he will respond and provide more info on his father’s new office.

  17. Seems it might not be up yet, But please do one thing. Stop using Google or Bing. They are both controlled by the Big Tech Fascists. I use for all my searches. Just as good as the other two but not controlled by nazis

  18. So this SOUNDS fine, although clearly NOBODY can find there way TO the hypothetical “office?”

    I’m sorry they didn’t ask ME – BEFORE they chose the name – because I have a BETTER one:

    Office of The President Elected !!!

    There – that’s the only freebie outa me today.

  19. You may want to try :

    Office of the Former President Trump
    c/o Mar-A-Lago
    1100 South Ocean Blvd.
    Palm Beach, Florida 33480

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