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President Biden Ignores Antifa Violence Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, violence continued in Portland where Antifa and law enforcement have been clashing for weeks. Democrats and the mainstream media attacked President Donald Trump for his desire to end the violence, but now we get a glimpse of what President Biden intends to do: nothing.

Federal officers were swarmed by Antifa as they made an arrest outside an ICE facility in downtown Portland. Multiple videos were shown online of officers dressed in riot gear, while Antifa is dressed in their normal battle gear as well.

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Violent #antifa swarm officers as they make a targeted arrest at the riot outside the @ICEgov building overnight. #PortlandRiots pic.twitter.com/PdOd5TDOLg

Immediately following the arrest, groups that support Antifa by posting bail money for them were immediately asking for names so they could pay his bail. These bail funds are supported by many key people, including Hollywood elites and Kamala Harris.

Antifa also appears ready to take on a new mission in the state of Washington after a police officer ran over several people attempting to surround and mob a police cruiser. Officers were responding to a call nearby when a mob surrounded the car. The police cruiser went through the crowd, running over at least one.

Antifa quickly responded and has organized an event to take place in response. It was posted all over Twitter, to which Twitter did not remove, label, or flag the tweet.

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Antifa in Washington state have already organized a riot to take place in Tacoma after a police cruiser hit a mob of people surrounding & hitting the car. Antifa are organizing carpools to travel there. #SeattleRiots pic.twitter.com/fOp2DB8DLb

When you see these videos, that journalists like Andy Ngô share, it’s hard to believe that this is not in some other country, but in the United States. Just as shocking as the images we’re seeing our US Capitol ransacked, so are these videos which continue to occur each week.

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Scenes of chaos erupted again in Portland as #antifa rioted at the ICE building, forcing federal officers to fire off flash bangs and tear gas. #PortlandRiots pic.twitter.com/M3bv0FLKX3

As reported many times, the enabling factor in these violent attacks and riots are the Democrats. A Democrat mayor, Democrat, governor, and Democrats at all levels of our government do not believe that these actions are an issue because they do not affect them.

Yet, when these same actions come to the places they are, they want them ended immediately. It’s a violent double standard that continues to show that the Democrats believe that they are better than those who they were elected to serve.

People are being forced to leave their towns by the violence. They are being forced to pick up the pieces as their businesses and property are destroyed. All the while, Joe Biden sits back in the White House ignoring what is happening.

The one who claimed he was all about unity is about anything but unity. He is about maintaining the elitist lifestyle that he and his family have come to enjoy. President Biden will do nothing about this violence and it will only get worse as he fails to support law enforcement officers as he should.

Democrats Will Use Then Lose You

This week, the Democrats were back to their old antics as they used the National Guard to provide them protection in Washington, DC at the Inauguration. Not one single event happened that would have risked their safety, but they wanted them there nonetheless to provide protection.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

Jared Dyson

Jared Dyson is the Editor-in-Chief at The Liberty Loft and host of The Jared Dyson Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, or iHeart Radio. 

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  1. Jared I’m going to tell you the same thing I said to Rich. Jo-biden is a THIEF and an ILLEGAL Dictator! NOT a president! STOP CALLING HIM “president”!!!!

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