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IMPEACHED! Again… whatever.

House Democrats again voted to impeach President Trump on Wednesday, this time with the help of a few Republicans who hope the move will rid the GOP of Trump forever. It won’t.

Last time, it was a phone call to Ukraine. This time, it was Trump’s unwillingness to ignore election fraud – oh, and a speech where he told protesters to do their protesting peacefully. Whatever…

Democrats have turned impeachment into a joke. Before long, two impeachments in a single administration will be surpassed as Democrats make it an annual event for any Republican president. It also lessens the importance of the penalty when no conviction occurs and, as it stands, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has no interest in taking up the impeachment trial until after President-elect Biden is sworn in. If Democrats want to push for a conviction, Biden’s agenda is going to take a back seat.

In reality, this was about one thing: taking Trump and the America First movement out of the political conversation forever.

If they can get the Senate to convict the president of incitement of insurrection, they plan to bar him from office for all time. They do not want to deal with a Trump 2024 campaign and they hope to push him and his ideas so far from the political circus that no one pays him any mind in the elections next year (yup, 13 months until the first caucus). American National Party anyone?

Exorcising Trump from American politics is a goal for Democrats and old-guard Republicans like McConnell and Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, etc. But, it’s in direct opposition to what American voters want.

The America First agenda resonated with people who had been forgotten by the D.C. elite. We want those manufacturing jobs, the apprenticeship programs, the opportunity zones, the school choice, strong police, a strong military and patriotism on display. We want all of those things.

We don’t want constant race-baiting, men-hating, confused-gender, anti-police, pseudo-fact checking, media censors. We don’t want any of those things.

For those who appreciate the Trump agenda, take heart. The Senate doesn’t currently have the votes to convict Trump and even with Warnock and Ossoff coming in, the 60-vote threshold will be a stretch.

So this is more political theater for the masses, gamesmanship for the old guard, and little of anything else as far as the working folks are concerned.

In some way, shape or form, the America First agenda will survive and is very likely to grow – especially as politicians in D.C. continue to prove just how tone-deaf they really are.

They have their agenda and we have ours: America First.

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