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Congress Under Nancy Pelosi Has Gone Far-Left, Politically Correct, Ape-S**t, Crazy

Monday, at the prayer offered at the beginning of the House of Representatives session in Washington, Pastor Emanuel Cleaver (Democrat, Missouri), who was reciting the prayer, ended it with the traditional words “amen” but then quickly spoke the words “awomen” as well.

Mr. Cleaver was obviously trying to stay in the lane assigned to him by Nancy Pelosi when he uttered these approved words. But the good pastor Cleaver is an educated man of the cloth and must know that the word “amen”, spoken at the end a prayer, is of Hebrew origin and means “certainly” or “verily” as a confirmation of the end of a prayer. In other words, “amen” is not sexist in any way, but our idiot politicians in the Democrat party have to make such words appear to be sexist, and probably racist as well if they can find a way to do so. So why would a Christian pastor mock the words of his own religion and utter such asinine words as “awomen” to finalize his prayer? The pastor’s words seem to me to border on sacrilege!

This idiocy is in line with the Democrat push for self-identity and shock coming from our highest levels of government. We are being not only preached to from on high, but we are being lectured to and humiliated by our Washington rulers who now have issued an edict that words like daughter, mother and many other words in the English language, are outlawed and cannot be used in the House of Representatives.

Democrats are making fun of, and ridiculing, each and every tradition our nation, and the Western world, has accumulated over the centuries, and this is just another jab at things we hold dear, even those of us who are not particularly religious. It appears that Democrats are trying to undermine the English language from their lofty perch in D.C., and Pastor Cleaver is allowing himself to play the fool for the Democrat leadership in the House. Obviously, the man was just trying to stay on the good side of dictator Nancy when he uttered the extra “awomen“, so he can get financial support from her at fund-raising time in 2022.

One shouldn’t wonder why Democrats pick certain words to be made illegal to be spoken on the floor of the House. The word “mother” is not sexist! It’s a word of affection and love all over the world, so why outlaw it and make yourself and the Democrat party look like fools in the process? Far-left Democrats want to ban any idea that biological sex is assigned at birth, so they pick on a simple word like “mother” and outlaw it as a violation of their rules about what is natural and biological, and what is self-identity. After all, leftists claim that biological men have periods and can give birth to children, so they bend over backwards to eliminate a word like “mother” because it assumes a biological sex assignment at birth, and they won’t allow such a thing to exist. And when poor old Emanuel Cleaver says “awomen” at the end of a prayer, he’s only trying to make the idea of sex-identity equal to the “amen” word normally spoken, not realizing that it’s not about sex or self-identity, the word, normally spoken at the end of a prayer is about faith, and Cleaver, a supposedly educated man, should know that and not undermine the Christian religion like they’ve destroyed everything else in our culture.

As radio talk-show host Chris Plante is fond of asking: where do we find these people?

And my question is: how do we get rid of these vermin?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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