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Were Democrats Even More Devious And Corrupt Than We Ever Imagined They Were?

Here is my recollection of chronological events as the 2020 general election progressed:

We’ve all seen the tape, recorded during the Obama administration, of then-Vice President Joe Biden bragging to reporters about threatening to withhold money from the Ukrainian government if they didn’t halt an investigation being done by their officials in an attempt to discover illegal influence peddling in their government from outside sources. Don’t forget that by this time Hunter Biden was fully engaged with peddling Joe Biden’s influence as V.P. to the highest bidder wherever he could get such a deal. So the logical conclusion is that Joe Biden was threatening Ukrainian officials with no money from the United States if they didn’t stop an investigation that would inevitably discover that Hunter had illegal dealings with their government.

  • Recall that Hunter Biden had silently been under investigation by the FBI for two years as the 2020 election began.
  • Then consider that the leftist press ignored the Hunter investigation during those entire two years.
  • Then be reminded that the ultra-left Silicon Valley tech Nazis immediately spiked/blocked the New York Post when they ran an article about the Biden investigation after the 2020 electioneering was fully under way.
  • So now Biden has the election behind him and has the appearance that he will be our next president, and VOILA!, the leftist press has finally begun reporting on the Hunter affair, just a little, now that the truth about the Biden crime family can‘t negatively impact votes for our next president.

Could it be that the press was silent on Ukraine, China, Russia, etc. so that their guy, Biden, could be elected without the scandal being known to many Americans who watch CNN and MSNBC and who would not have this illegal deal to consider when selecting the next president? Then following Biden’s confirmation of president-elect, the press begins reporting on these scandals, hoping that they can get rid of the weak, mentally deficient Biden by publicizing the scandals and putting Joe’s running mate, Kamala Harris in the Oval Office as the successor to the presidency.

The radical press and other leftist Democrats wanted the radical, leftist Harris all along, but they discovered during the Democrat primary competition that Harris was not liked by voters and had no chance of being the Democrat candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2020. So they arranged for Biden to be the head of the ticket and Harris to be hiding in the shadows awaiting the inevitable time when Joey would crash and burn, and now that the election is finished the press has begun his demise.

So they kept Biden’s past secret, and the present events concerning his son’s most recent illegal activity were silenced, and they spoke glowingly of how great and experienced Biden was while keeping him in his basement and out of sight during the entire 2020 presidential campaign, and now they plan to use the 25th amendment to put the America-hating Harris in the White House so she can be dictator the next four years and complete Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transformation America.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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