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We Can See Parallels Between Government Lies And The Loss Of Our Precious Constitution

Some of the lies and distortions committed by our “public servants” are as follows, and most if not all of the government corruption that is part and parcel of the lies, are denials of the science that Democrats like to throw in our faces every day:

Warming Change: There is absolutely no science behind the warming/change hysteria coming from our ruling class that would convince a thinking person that the planet is warming because an affluent world is living well. It has now been two years since the completely stupid AOC and the insane Bernie Sanders claimed that we were twelve years from total destruction from the every-increasing heat wave pounding our world into a toasted dough ball. Last summer the temperature all over the globe was about the same as it was prior to when the leftist idiots warned us of the twelve-year limit of life on earth. And since that warning two years ago they have been quiet and the temperature has remained much the same as it has been in my lifetime.
The entire man-made-warming lie is intended to force Americans into surrendering their rights to live comfortable, pleasant lives, and is an attempt to allow government and the loons on the political left to rule us like the slaves they think we are. Democrats insist that we must all convert to the electric cars that Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota said cannot be kept charged using the current coal and gas powered electric plants we have in the United States. That means that a broad ownership of electric cars is impossible in today’s America , and the Democrats’ green new deal foolishness will decrease the nation’s power generation capacity even further. So we all might soon be living in the hell-hole of California with its constant and increasing brown-outs and black-outs and its lack of personal liberties.

Covid: With the coming of the covid disease, Democrats discovered a devious tool that they are going to use forever to shut up anyone who disagrees with any of their radical policies. With covid they experimented with masking and national shutdowns, which they will never halt as long as they can claim that one person is infected with the disease. It’s for the benefit of the nation, they tell us, and if we can save just one life, the economic destruction of the nation is a small price to pay, according to Democrats. And then, with the Biden administration having learned the totalitarian lesson of the masks and lockdowns, we’ll hear lies again of the terrible destruction to the entire planet that warming/change is causing; we’re all about to die from the terrible heat our air conditioners and cars are causing, and the carbon that power plants emit in order to give us our comfortable lives. So very early in the Biden administration watch and see if gasoline doesn’t begin to cost more; fuel for our cars will be harder to find as refiners are commanded by the government to produce less refined fuel; air travel will become more costly and eventually will be halted because of restrictions placed on commercial airlines by the government; the temperature of your homes will be subject to government approval and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter; family vacations will be a thing of the past, and eating out will still be too dangerous for the government to allow it, so keep your masks handy.
Scientific evidence tells us that being locked down at home is more dangerous than the covid disease itself; it tells us that restaurants don’t cause the spread of the disease, and it tells us that the disease is over ninety-nine percent survivable. So Democrats keep the nation locked down in contradiction to science.

Russia Collusion Versus The Biden Scandal: The full, combined forces of government can attack Donald Trump on an hourly basis with wholly-created, trumped-up evidence and a constant avalanche of “bombshells” from the leftist lying press for three years, only to end up with a slurred-speech Robert Mueller stating that no evidence was found to support the false, treasonous claim of collusion by Trump. But when Biden’s own staff announces that Hunter Biden is being investigated by the FBI, we are told by the anti-American press that we can’t talk about such things, and we can’t assume anything broader than just Hunter and his personal dealings are under investigation. But the Trump family spent untold hours testifying, under oath, about their non-dealings with Russia, with the leftist press repeatedly nipping to their heals with stories of their being culpable for crimes that could put them in jail. The last four years have been the third-world introduction of the United States by the way our “free” press has treated the president, followed by the Democrats committing vast numbers of vote fraud during the 2020 election.

Gun Buy-Back: In spite of the linguistic flip-flop of Biden stating that he will not confiscate weapons, but that he will kindly offer to buy them back, his far-left plan amounts to a violation of our constitution and it results in the illegal taking of self-defense weapons by the federal government. Of course the deprivation of a weapon via the buy-back plan may not be quite so obvious if the government first prevents the manufacture of ammunition; and then they’ll play with more limits on magazine capacity; and then they’ll force credit card companies to deny the purchase of weapons or ammunition on credit; but it all amounts to a violation of the constitution and a violation of our rights as citizens of the United States.

America is in one hell of a situation with Democrats using fraud to elect a president who will likely soon have to surrender that power, via his obvious incapacity to serve, to his dedicated Socialist vice president, who has promised to open our borders to people who have never lived in a real, functioning Democracy worth its name, and all of whom will become dependents to a Democrat administration that will insist on, and get, the new millions of illegals’ votes at each and every election, and an administration that has sworn to force the wearing of worthless facial masks even though a vaccine is being administered nation-wide. America is full of adults who are fully capable of making decisions about their lives, and who are fed up with watching people who are brave enough to try to establish businesses, have their life savings wiped out by onerous government commands that businesses remain locked down.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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