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Everyone Is Missing The Real Point Of The Covid Masking Scam

We’ve all heard the hypocrisy of Democrat governors and mayors, and most recently Dr. Deborah Birx herself, telling the nation that we must, under fear of certain death, as well as under punishment of law, wear the worthless facial masks that they pretend will protect us from the very lame, weak and relatively non-fatal Wuhan disease, and then themselves, in public or with family members, be caught without a mask.

The real point is that these people who are smarter and better informed than we mere plebes out here in fly-over country, think that they are better than the rest of us and don’t need to abide by their own rules. But a related, secondary and more important and disturbing point, is also possible: that our leaders and order givers don’t believe that the masks will protect anyone from contagion or infection from the disease, but order their use anyway due to political pressure from Democrat leaders.

The evidence of this latter point (that the people who have ordered us all to wear masks all the time don’t believe masks provide protection for anyone) is that Dr. Birx was accompanied by family members on an outing recently and was seen not wearing her mask when in the presence of the family members. It seems reasonable for one to assume that if Dr. Birx really believed that not wearing a mask in the presence of her family would in fact kill one or more of them, she would have certainly worn a mask. But she knows that this whole masking thing is a scam, so she didn’t wear the silly appendage that is useless and just plain in the way of breathing as nature intended. The Dr. Birx incident, along with many other examples of Democrat governors and mayors not wearing masks when they, themselves said masks must be worn, proves the uselessness and the waste of time that masking represents, in my opinion.

The evidence of our political rulers not doing what they tell the rest of us to do under pain of imprisonment or a heavy fine leads any suspicious American who believes in the constitution to assume that this mask thing is a lie generated by our leftist politicians to clamp Soviet-style controls on American citizens.

Other lessons of insincerity on the part of far-left political/medical rulers is everywhere:

  • If a person wearing a mask is really completely protected from infection via airborne covid spores, as we are assured by our political rulers that they are, then why do I, a non-believer in mask protection, have to wear a mask that I believe is just for show and is quickly becoming a trendy fad that tells the world you are a good and caring person just for wearing one.
  • If the newly delivered covid vaccine, which was developed in record time and swiftly delivered at President Trump‘s insistence, really protects a person from the disease, then why are we being told by our rulers that vaccine receivers must still wear a mask into the indeterminate future?

And now we have evidence that our political/medical order-givers don’t believe that the mask protects either themselves or near-by family members. And then consider the words of the know-all Dr. Fauci when he said early-on in this pandemic that masks would do little good in halting the spread of the disease. I believe that the good doctor was telling the truth about the worthless masks in February of 2020, and is lying about their effectiveness while pushing their use in December.

When will the idiocy of this lying scam come to an end? It appears it will last long enough for Democrat governors and mayors to force all restaurants to go out of business and to kill vast numbers of citizens with depression and bankruptcy as they are forced to live underground and inside their homes or public shelters.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Your article repeats many of the same things that others repeat, but it doesn’t cover the fact that some of our hospitals can”t handle the load of patients coming in with COVID. We need balance here. Properly made masks do slow down the transmission rate. Fact. Many of the masks they are using are ridiculous and the most they could do is cause the virus to have to slow down to get to you. The masks they ask you to wear (and which are provided free of charge) are worthless. The hypocrisy is stunning. It’s all for show, as any normal person would be able to tell you. It isn’t the masks that are a joke, it’s the hypocrisy of wearing something that doesn’t work because it isn’t made right, and then getting COVID anyway because of it.
    We have to deal with the facts. The facts are that COVID is a virus and very tiny and can go right through most masks. We can slow the virus down that way, but there is no way we can stop it that way. And the point about the shots is valid. If the shots are supposed to work, then we won’t need the masks unless we didn’t get the shot and want to protect ourselves from others who didn’t get the shot and are carriers or have the disease..
    Look, we all wear underwear, and we all have to wear clothes. There are a lot of things we all have to do to protect ourselves. This is just one of them. But it is useless if we don’t take into account the nature of the virus and act accordingly.

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