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Per Joe Biden, Both Sides Need To Stop The Violence

  • Who was it that rioted and burned buildings and businesses all summer long in Democrat-controlled cities?
  • Who was it that beat Trump supporters just last weekend in D.C.?
  • Which party supports ANTIFA and allows them to continue to riot and loot?
  • Which party supports BLM and celebrates their “mostly peaceful” building burning?

The answer to the first and second questions is ANTIFA and BLM who burned cities all summer long and beat peaceful Trump supporters last weekend in our nation’s capitol.

The answer to the third and fourth questions is that it’s the Democrat party that supports ANTIFA and BLM and says not a word about their burning, rioting, and beatings.

But, when Joe Biden, or any other leftist radical speaking from a news desk or at a political podium is asked if they will condemn the rioting and property destruction our nation has become all-too-familiar with these last couple of years, all they will say is that “both sides must stop their violence“.

What a crock of crap!

Tell me the violence that Trump supporters and voters have caused these last four years.
Tell me the Republican or conservative group(s) that have been involved in rioting and burning.

What is the fool Joe Biden talking about when he doesn’t have the courage to tell his own storm troopers to stop beating citizens and stop attacking and killing police officers? Is he afraid of his own party and their violence-prone tendencies? Could it be that Democrats would be able to get to Biden and cause him personal harm if he blamed his own violent supporters for their actually quite violent acts?

All of the news organizations, including Fox and certain of their employees, like Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace, make the same lame statement about “both sides” contributing to the elevated level of violence in America, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. They hate President Trump so much that they can’t be honest about the hate and violence coming exclusively from the political left, and feel they must place some of the blame on Republicans, Trump supporters and Donald Trump personally.

To say that both sides of the political framework contribute to the obscene violence America is being subjected to this political season is to tell a blatant lie, and to not place blame on Democrats, who even encourage such acts of violence by not allowing punishment of leftist criminals after they‘ve been caught, is to just ask for more of the same lies and criminal activity. During some of the rioting in northern states this summer the staff supporting Biden in his bid for the presidency contributed to a fund that bailed out some of the most violent rioters and property burners, and once these people were released their cases were quickly and conveniently dropped, so it’s a certainty that these thugs will return to burn more buildings and beat additional people as Democrats see a need for such actions on the national political stage of 2020.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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