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Defrauding The Election And The American People

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As I was watching the election results and seeing so many states going for Biden I couldn’t help but think are these people filled with so much hate and rage against Trump that they are willing to go with a cognitively challenged person like Biden who stays in his basement who is a corrupt failed politician of 47 years who will take away their healthcare, guns, freedoms and continue with lockdowns and has admitted he will probably die in office? Are they that stupid?.Are they willing to let China own us all because of their hate and rage against Trump?  They are voting AGAINST Trump and FOR Kamala. The liberals have had over 70 years to indoctrinate people!   This is the result!  

As I was watching FOX I could see that they were defrauding the vote. When the “Decision maker” at Fox was asked why  one state that was ahead by about 4 points for Trump, but it was called in favor of Biden. The Decision Maker gave the biggest BS answer I ever heard saying something to the effect that that state was expected to go for Biden anyway.  In Pennsylvania Trump was way, way, ahead (14 points), they wouldn’t call it.  That gives the vote defrauders time to tinker with the votes, which are the fraudulent mail in votes. I bet 99% will be called for Biden, that’s why they want to “wait”.

What’s the use that the counting of ballots is being “closely monitored”, when the ballots themselves are fake?  There were 80 million fake ballots released by Dems, across the US, which are now surfacing by mail.  The Dems are distracting us by making it look like it’s the counting of the ballots which is critical, not that the ballots are fake.

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Dems needed to make sure polls are closed (no transparency), and to make sure they can continue counting “every single” mail in (fraudulent Biden) vote that’s coming in!  It was all planned in advance.This is incredibly fraudulent.  And this is just the beginning.

Media outlets were doing their usual bang-up job of misreporting everything. Some called states for Trump but refused to call others. It seems Democrats need a miracle in many key states to win—or just for thousands of ballots to come in after the election to tip the scales.

Any state that shows Trump in the lead, they are not calling for one BS reason or another. Unless the state only carries 3 electoral votes or less, to cover their scheme.

In a late night speech and press conference  Trump declared himself the winner since he is ahead in Penn, Wisconsin and Mich. and said this is the biggest fraud on the American people and he is going to the supreme court to ask them to stop any more votes they don’t want them to suddenly find more ballots. “Millions and millions of people voted for us tonight, and a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people. And we won’t stand for it,” Trump said to a group of supporters in the East Room of the White House at around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. “We won Texas by 700,000 votes, and they don’t even include it in the tabulations,” Trump said. “It’s also clear that we have won Georgia. We’re up by 2.5 percent or 117,000 votes, with only 7 percent left. They’re never going to catch us. They can’t catch us.”

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As of 3:30 a.m. ET, Biden had 238 electoral votes to 213 for Trump. If Trump were in fact to carry all the states where he was in the lead, he would win the election comfortably. But that’s not how elections work.

Chris Wallace’s mood suddenly changed and he was grinning before and now angry saying “He hasn’t won those states.” When I saw Trump pulling ahead in those states I knew he could win. I also noticed that when he was ahead in some states they declared it for Biden and gave some BS answer that Biden would pull ahead and win anyway, etc. They are pure evil.

Trump also claimed victory in Michigan, where he was leading, but only 55 percent of the vote had been tallied at the time he was speaking.

I think Trump should have waited before giving that speech since it looked like he was winning those states anyway.

Trump alleged that Democrats had launched a conspiracy against him, using mail-in ballots.“I’ve been saying this since the day I heard they were going to send out tens of millions of ballots. Because either they were going to win, or if they didn’t win, they were going to take us to court,” Trump said.

A few moments later he went on, “We will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. This is a fraud on the American public,” Trump said. “This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.”

Trump may not like it, but that is the way our elections are conducted, despite his months of campaigning to discredit voting by mail and his insistence that this year, the counting of votes not extend beyond Nov. 3. The thing that has changed is that some states are extending voting deadlines by adding seven more days.

These people super cheaters. What if Amy Coney Barrett recuses herself from the election cases?  That allows Dems control, with Roberts’ vote.  Not good. 

Amy Coney Barrett became the 115th Supreme Court justice Tuesday when Chief Justice John Roberts administered the judicial oath of office in a private ceremony at the court. Barrett immediately was faced with an unusual motion seeking her recusal in an election procedures case currently pending before the court from Pennsylvania.

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The motion to recuse was filed by the Luzerne County Board of Elections in an 11th-hour case brought by the Republican Party and Republican state legislators. Citing federal ethics laws that require a judge to recuse herself if her impartiality might reasonably be questioned, the elections board contends that the nomination and confirmation of a Supreme Court justice right before a presidential election is not only “unprecedented,” but “even more troubling” is President Trump’s own statements linking Barrett’s nomination “directly to … his own current re-election,” should the results of the election be challenged in court.

In an indication of what a red-hot controversy this is, the county board rescinded the motion after an emotional debate Tuesday by the county council. But it is likely that similar motions will be filed in future cases.

The motion to recuse came on a hectic day for Barrett when the last chip fell into place for her ascension to the high court — Roberts administering the judicial oath.

Trump and millions saw it happen when counting the votes mysteriously stopped at a certain point.  Now they want to “add on” the fraudulent mailed in vote.  That’s why the complicit Supreme Court voted to continue counting to happen for several days after poll closure.  New Justice Amy Barrett was not allowed to participate in that vote, even though she is already sworn in.  So much fishy things going on.  Trump thinks the Supreme Court is going to help him with this like he said last night.  This would be true if Justice Amy Barrett is allowed to do her job.  She may not be.

There is so much voter fraud by an unexpected source – the TV channels.  Fox “Decision Maker” is a fraud, not calling the truth we all see.  Even Trump noticed it.  This is so bad for our country, that outright voter fraud is allowed, with the blessing from the Supreme Court too.

Sydney Powell, famed General Michael Flynn’s attorney, said Democrat’s are planning to use “lawfare” to win the election. She told OANN that they plan to use the media to craft headlines to make their election antics seem normal. This thing is headed to the courts, as President Trump predicted.

It is so hard to believe that the Biden voters pay no attention to the crooked dealings of Biden during the Obama administration and thanks to the media censoring all things by his corrupt brought and paid for son,. Of course, a large part of the story is the liberal press not publishing the corruption info for the world to see. It is again the liberal press pushing for Biden. If Biden does win, God help us all because we will be going down the slippery slope from socialism to communism and immigrants coming here to find a better life will find they escaped to the very thing they ran from.

Biden/ Harris wasn’t able to draw 20 people to any of their rallies while Trump’s rallies looked like the Super Bowl everywhere he went. Blacks and Hispanics along with long-time democrats jumped from the Dems to Trump in record numbers, yet Biden leads? There’s no question about it, fraud is all the Dems have and they knew this from the start. That’s why they didn’t care to stump as hard. The “Fix” was in and they had full confidence in the fraud. They learned from their mistakes with Hillary.

Here is a great comment I saw:

Maxx says:

November 4, 2020 at 4:04 pm

“DemocRATS begane winning elections when THEY created multiple methods to open elections to blatant fraud. They created “Motor Voter”, Same Day Registration, Early Voting, Extended Voting Days & Hours, Ballot Harvesting, Expanded Absentee Voting. All of these changes were accomplished not by Legislation but by court decisions. The Left even challenged the Voter ID w Pictures law in every state with law suites that lasted years before they were finally found to be Constitutional. Even after that, liberal courts blocked and held up the implementation sometimes for years.

All of these changes need to be eliminated and we need to go back to “paper ballots” which can still be counted by machines and voters need to be “hand stamped” with indelible ink to prevent multiple voting.DemocRATS have been collecting and accumulating massive lists known as “cattle lists” of people that are dead or have moved for decades. These names are used by multiple activists to vote multiple times in different locations. Everything related to the input process must be investigated and sanitized.”

Politico.com’s headline this morning reads, “Biden looks screwed even if he wins.” The Republicans kept a Senate majority and reduced the Democratic majority in the House. If Biden squeaks by, he will have no popular mandate, no Senate, and no help from the Supreme Court. He won’t be able to pass tax increases, big changes in health care, or his Green New Deal boondoggle.

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