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The National Danger This Time Around

The test of a good government, one in which its citizens are comfortable, happy and don’t feel threatened by those who govern, is one in which a low voter turnout of citizens casting their ballots frequently happens at election time.

Typically in America, which is largely made up of citizens who are satisfied with their lives and not threatened by those who govern the nation, voter turn-out has been relatively low, to the point that many policy wonks have complained that Americans should show more interest in voting for those who represent them. This low voter-turnout rate has been referred to as citizens having no interest in government, while actually American citizens are interested in retaining their liberty and prosperity, but have been satisfied that the government presents no threat to their lives.

But in 2020 the attitude of many formerly happy Americans has made a 180 degree change. Many of our major cities are burning; riots are the norm; police officers are being assassinated; entire police forces are being disbanded; and the Democrat presidential candidate has mentioned packing the Supreme Court and adding states to the nation in order to get more Democrat votes to assure leftist, radical success in future elections.

If president Trump had not kept his promise to continue building the border wall, you can bet that millions of illegal aliens would have crossed our border by this time in order to join the various sanctuary cities that far left Democrats have established across the nation. If the wall had not been built at President Trump’s insistence, then the votes of each illegal would be assured for Democrat candidates in all future elections, in exchange for the delivery of goodies from the ever-more-Socialist government that Democrats have promised to deliver the next time they are voted into the White House.

This election promises to produce a record turn-out of citizens anxious to cast their ballot against the rioting and burning in American streets and to defeat the Democrat party candidates across the board, who have all promised to destroy the long-functioning light-touch philosophy of government in which citizens are allowed to run their own lives and make decisions about themselves and their families, without the heavy, authoritarian rule of big government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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