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President Trump On Sixty Minutes [Full Video]

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On Thursday, President Donald Trump released the footage of an interview with CBS News’s Leslie Stahl before the interview was set to air on 60 MinutesCBS News attacked Trump for disregarding his agreement with the news station, but the interview seems to have revealed exactly why the president thought such a drastic step necessary. In the interview, Stahl repeatedly denied the reality of two scandals — the evolving Hunter Biden scandal and the Obamagate scandal. Stahl said 60 Minutes could not air Trump’s comments about the scandals because “we can’t verify them.”

In her hosting of the segment Stahl said the interview started politely and ended abruptly. First of all Leslie Stahl was very condescending in the interview and unsubstantial in her questions. She spent a lot of time talking about the size of Trump’s crowds at his rallies compared to 2016. Trump said the rallies today are much larger than in area to which she again denied it and asking about the people at his rallies not wearing masks. Trump said they are wearing masks and he encourages people to wear them. At the beginning of his rallies, they weren’t wearing masks and thousands of people jammed together weren’t wearing them, but since the virus started spiking they are handing out masks and more and more people, especially the people in the back of him, are wearing masks.

This interview took place after Facebook and Twitter took unprecedented actions to suppress a New York Post article reporting on a “smoking gun” email showing that Hunter Biden reportedly introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to an executive at the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma a few months before Biden pressured the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor general who claims he was investigating Burisma.

You’ll see how ANGRY she is with her constant interruptions, compared to my full, flowing, and “magnificently brilliant” answers to their questions,” Trump said in an advanced notice releasing the interview.

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Trump appears to have decided to release the footage in order to preempt 60 Minutes from editing out his claims on Hunter Biden and on the Obama administration’s spying on his campaign in 2016. The president seems to have suspected that 60 Minutes would erase his comments from the record, following the lead of Facebook and Twitter in burying the Hunter Biden story.

The interview gave him good reason to suspect this.

About 20 minutes into the interview, Trump told Stahl that he wished the legacy media would ask Democratic nominee Joe Biden tough questions like the questions Stahl had given him.

“I wish you would interview Joe Biden like you interview me. It would be so good,” the president said.

Trump lamented that even amidst the evolving Hunter Biden scandal, legacy media reporters did not ask Joe Biden the tough questions. He mentioned a particularly notorious episode in which Biden was exiting an ice cream shop and a reporter wasted the opportunity to ask the candidate a serious question.

“When I watch him walk out of a store, he’s in the midst of a scandal, his family is corrupt… He’s walking with ice cream. The question the media asks him, ‘What kind of ice cream, what flavor ice cream do you have?’” Trump recounted. “He’s in the midst of a scandal…”

At that point, Stahl cut him off. “He’s not,” she said smirking wryly ignoring the fact that the Hunter Biden e-mail revelations are a big scandal..

“Of course, he is, Leslie,” Trump responded. Then it clicked. “You’re like Big Tech, you’re protecting him.”

Stahl attempted to cover for Biden, accusing Trump of turning a nothing-burger into a scandal. “You’re taking something that was investigated by a Republican committee in the Senate,” she began, echoing talking points designed to discredit the new revelations of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business practices.”You think it’s okay for the mayor of Moscow’s wife to give him millions and millions of dollars, $3.5 million?” the president asked. “Do you think it’s okay for Hunter Biden to say, we’re giving the Big Guy ten percent of this massive amount of money they’re taking in?”

Trump hit on the extremely lucrative business deals Hunter Biden made in China, and the emerging information suggesting that Joe Biden got a large cut from these deals.

That part was cut out of the Sixty Minutes interview and Trump went on to say that spying on his campaign was the biggest scandal.

“It’s the second-biggest scandal. The biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign,” the president said, referencing the FBI’s deceptive attempts to gain surveillance on members of the Trump campaign.

“There’s no real evidence of that,” Stahl shot back. “This is 60 Minutes. And we can’t put on things we can’t air.”

“You won’t put it on because it’s bad for Biden,” Trump charged.

“We can’t put on things we can’t verify,” Stahl insisted.

“Leslie, they spied on my campaign,” the president rejoined.

“We can’t verify that,” the host again insisted.

There was plenty of evidence that they spied on his campaign. At the very beginning of his campaign, Trump said he thought his phone was tapped. The media laughed at him, but later found it was true when Hillary paid the foreign spy Christopher Steele a million dollars to come up with the phony Russian dossier on Trump in Moscow which he never was so that Hillary could present it to a FISA court so they could get a warrant to tap his aid’s phone. This all came out shortly thereafter he was elected showing Hillary and Obama were in on the act. It was literally Watergate on steroids and no one was arrested.

Tragically, it does seem that Stahl was planning to deny the reality of both the Hunter Biden emails and the Obamagate revelations. Yet the bulk of the evidence suggests that the recently revealed Hunter Biden emails are indeed genuine and a former FBI staffer pleaded guilty to deceptively editing a request for surveillance on the Trump campaign.

Stahl later brought up earlier comments from the president on why he continued to condemn the mainstream media as “fake.”

“You said to me, ‘I say that, because I need to discredit you so that when you say negative things about me, no one will believe you,’” Stahl said.

“I don’t have to discredit you,” Trump responded. “You’ve discredited yourself.”

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The conversation then turned to Hunter Biden’s suspected laptop retrieved from a Delaware repair shop. Stahl once again claimed it couldn’t be verified. Notably, the Biden campaign has not denied its authenticity.

Stahl accused Trump of calling Fauci an idiot. Trump denied it and I never heard him call him that and I follow him like a shadow,. Trump should have asked her where she heard that.

Stahl wasn’t finished trying to insult Trump yet and tried to make it look like women hated him. She claimed he begged women to like him and played a clip of him saying that. He was saying that kiddingly at a rally saying “women you should like me for saving your suburbs.” Trump told her that was shameful for what she was trying to do and he was kidding when he was saying that. Liberals have no sense of humor unless it’s filled with hate and rage against their opponent.

Towards the end, a producer for 60 Minutes entered and announced that their time was up. Trump looked up at him and agreed and said they had to go. Stahl said she had so many more questions to ask. Well if she wasn’t so unsubstantive she would have been able to get more questions in instead of asking about masks on rally-goers. The media promotes it as if Trump was disgusted and ended it which he didn’t. It was her producer. Stahl gave Trump a 45-minute interview for a show that is only an hour and out of that 45 minutes they have to edit out so there would only be about 15 minutes of him and here because they had to interview Pence, Biden, and Harris.

Here is Trump’s complete interview with Lesli Stahl. Decide for yourself:

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  1. I can hardly believe the interrogator was accusing President Trump of always attacking others and this whole interview was about Leslie Stahl attacking our president. She was not going to believe a word he said from the very first question. Not one of her questions asked him to tell her how well things were working, just wanted to tell him that what he was doing wasn’t working. Actually, she didn’t really want to know anything from him. She wanted to call him a liar. She was just another run-of-the-mill biased Democrat. She should retire.

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