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Americans must vote for Trump’s policies

Most polls show Americans are favoring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden over President Trump. To ensure a prosperous and safe America, voters must choose Trump’s policies and not Biden’s.

Polls also show that the economy and national security are the top concerns of voters. It is Trump’s policies that have led and will lead to a stronger economy and a more secure America.

On the economy, Trump spent the first three years of his presidency returning to the principles that made the country great. Historically, the US went from the birth of a nation to the largest, most prosperous economy in the world in about 150 years. Other countries were hundreds or even thousands of years older.

There were four basic principles that allowed that to happen. The economy encouraged 1) individual freedom, 2) individual responsibility, 3) low rates of taxation and 4) a limited role for government. The Obama/Biden policies which would be brought back if Biden wins the presidency are opposite to those principles.

Obama/Biden policies reduced individual freedom and encouraged social responsibility. Taxes increased under Obama/Biden as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had 21 new or increased taxes. In 2011, Obama/Biden increased the tax rate by 10% on the highest income earners.

They claimed that would reduce income inequality. The reality was that the tax increase reduced capital formation, tended to slow economic growth and actually made income inequality worse. The poverty rate also increased.

The ACA reduced individual responsibility and increased social responsibility as millions of Americans became dependent on the federal government for health care needs. The government began to assume a larger role.

Biden’s policies will raise taxes, eventually on all Americans, to pay for his social programs. Corporate taxes will increase from 21% to 28%, meaning companies’ tax bill will increase by 1/3.

Biden says that he will raise taxes only on households with more than $400,000 per year in annual income. The problem is that there are not enough people who earn that much. That means income tax rates will have to eventually increase for all Americans.

Biden will expand the failed and probably unconstitutional ACA, to include all Americans. That removes individual responsibility and replaces it with costly and very inefficient social responsibility. The role of government will vastly increase.

Concerning national security, Biden would return to the Obama/Biden “turn the other cheek’ policy. Whether confronting terror in the Middle East or Russian aggression in Ukraine and other parts of the world or China’s desire for world dominance, Biden’s non-confrontational policies would be harmful to US security.

When facing North Korea when they fire long-range missiles, or Russia when they annex part of the Ukraine or Iran when they sponsor terrorism and seize an American gunboat, or Syria when the use chemical weapons or China’s aggression in Asia, turning the other cheek doesn’t work.

In 2013, Obama/Biden even wanted to turn over control of the internet to foreign powers. Today we see that would have been a complete disaster.

Trump’s policies are exactly opposite to Biden’s. On defense, he practices the policy that President Reagan used to end the cold war and beak-up the Soviet Union without firing a single shot. The “peace through strength” policy provides a higher level of national security.

Trump has rebuilt the military so it is now so powerful that every nation on earth has become less inclined to test America’s strength. In fact, Trump has found, the stronger the military, the less likely the US will ever have to use it.

On the economy, Trump has reduced burdensome and counter-productive regulations, lowered tax rates for all Americans, and is trying to reduce the role of government. These policies led to a robust economy that saw record low unemployment, especially for lower-income earners.

Trump’s policies reduced the poverty rate, lessened income inequality, and increased median incomes for nearly all Americans. Trump gave the lowest income earners what they really want: opportunity.

Most Americans don’t want free stuff. They take it because that was their only option under Obama/Biden. Rather, Americans really want the opportunity to earn enough income to pay for their own food, their own shelter, their own living expenses, and their own health care.

Let’s face it, Trump doesn’t appear to be a nice guy. He’s brash, egotistical, raised in Queens, New York style is often confrontational, unfiltered, and seemingly bully-like. For that reason, voting Americans must concentrate on policy rather than personality.

Trump’s policies are right for America. Biden’s policies would lead to less individual freedom, less individual responsibility, higher rates of taxation, and a larger role for government.

In spite of whom you may like personally, you must vote for President Trump’s policies. The future of America depends on it.

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Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.

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