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Sugarcane Jane Calls Out Leftist Violence in New Rock Video

American rock duo Sugarcane Jane just released a new song centered on the violence erupting in American cities.

The rock ‘n roll pair features Neil Young guitarist Anthony Crawford and his wife, Savana.

“Waking Up America,” from the couple’s new album Ruffled Feathers; Songs in the Key of Me was inspired by the riots in Portland.

Lyrics for “Waking Up America”

Waking Up America
(Anthony Crawford, BMI/Dirt Roads End Publishing)

Cities are burning
people in the street
wearing black and ninja outfits
they’re just babies underneath
come out to the country
come on if you dare
you might find you’re taking your
last breath there

Waking up America
Waking up America
Waking up America
Waking up America

These days I’m full of passion
in my gut there is a flame
I stand for freedom
and I’ll call you out by name
Taking off my gloves
much pain I will inflict
when you’re f’n with my wife my kids
you freaking make me sick

Waking up America
Waking up America
Waking up America
Waking up America

Special thanks to Wingbeat for their appearances, and to Chris Comer for the boat parade footage. Visit www.sugarcanejane.com to purchase music and merchandise.

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