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Democrat Politicians Kill The Patient While Pretending To Save It

The Democrat party has methodically destroyed tens of thousands of lives and ruined thousands of businesses with its corrupt mayors and governors insisting that businesses be locked down and that all persons in their jurisdictions must wear a facial mask. Additionally, Democrats use the idiotic justification for these misuses of political power as being the Wuhan virus, which has proven to be perhaps the weakest such disease our nation has ever seen. Democrats are lying about the severity of the disease and have made every effort to scare citizens into abiding by their insane control efforts and convince them that President Trump is to blame for the virus that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blasio originally ignored. At the dawning of the virus, Democrats stated that Trump’s concentration on the disease was just a distraction to divert attention from the Democrat’s soon-to-be delivered impeachment trial. If true honesty concerning the politicization of the virus were of concern to Democrats, voters should be informed and reminded that Pelosi and de Blazio early-on invited and encouraged their followers to go out, have a nice meal and enjoy an evening on the town, completely ignoring the disease that President Trump was trying to prevent and control.

From riots to shop burnings, to a national shutdown, to forced business closings and legal consequences if a citizen was found not wearing a mask, all of these things have frightened many people into being shut-ins, causing a greater use of liquor and drugs and have resulted in depression and many suicides, all because Democrats want to exercise dictatorial control over the population, and they want upset citizens, hoping they would hold President Trump responsible for the disease, which was caused exclusively by the Communist Chinese government.

The American radical, political left is so insanely fearful of President Trump being re-elected to a second term of office that they are letting out all the stops to assure that he is defeated in November. His patriotism scares them, his insistence on really educating children in government-run schools threatens them. His insistence on removing our military forces from pointless foreign assignments upsets them. His insistence that rioters, murderers and arsonists go to jail threatens the Democrat storm troopers who commit these violent acts. His plea to Democrat governors and mayors to open their cities to prosperity and liberty for their citizens is scoffed at and ignored. His statements that criticize the lie of global warming is threatening to Joe Biden’s Green New Deal aggression on traditional American life. President Trump just refuses to play nice with the radical Democrats.

The American political left has plans and designs to fulfill Barack Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America, and Donald Trump stands directly in the way of their devious, anti-American plans and schemes.

If the current disruptive daily life of America continues, Democrats will have severely damaged our society and will have caused more death and suffering than the Wuhan disease itself has caused, while all the time claiming that they are just trying to save the nation and keep us healthy. In their lying efforts to “save” the American citizens with the left’s masks and their lockdown, they may soon end up killing the patient they claim to want to save.

And as if Trump’s foiling of every one of the Democrat’s corrupt attacks on his administration wasn’t enough to frustrate the radical left, now he’s been nominated at least twice for a Nobel Peace Prize. And these Trump nominations were not based on race, as Obama’s single nomination was, but are based on accomplishments like the Israeli/United Arab Emirates accords, and the Serbia/Kosovo normalization of relations between those two formerly warring countries.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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