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‘We Cannot Let Them Take Over Our Country’: Cuban Who Fled Communism Says President Trump Represents Freedom

Maximo Alvarez, whose family fled communist Cuba, said Monday night that he is choosing President Donald Trump because he is choosing “freedom.”

Alvarez explained during the first night of the Republican National Convention that his family “fled totalitarianism and communism more than once:” his father fled from Spain, then from Cuba, he said.

“But my family is done running away,” he added. “By the grace of God, I live the American Dream, the greatest blessing I ever had.”

Alvarez noted that Trump “may not always be politically correct,” and that Trump is a businessman rather than a career politician.

“I’m speaking to you today because I have seen people like this before. I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before,” Alvarez said. “And I am here to tell you, we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me, who look like me, who suffer and starved and died because they believed those empty promises. They swallow their communist poison pill.”

Alvarez urged viewers to learn from the experiences of those who suffered at the hands of communist leaders.

“Look at them. Listen to them. Learn the truth,” he said.

“In America, I will decide my own future,” Alvarez continued. “I’m so grateful to America, the place where I was able to build my American Dream through hard work and determination. President Trump knows the American story was written by people just like you and I, who love our country and take risks to build a future for our families and neighbors.”

“You and I will decide, and here’s what I’ve decided,” he added. “My decision is very easy. I choose President Trump because I choose America. I choose freedom. I still hear my dad. There is no other place to go.”


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