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The US Postal Service Basically Delivers Garbage

Every single day I make the trek to my mailbox to see if anything important might show up. Almost always, it’s just junk.

The USPS delivers garbage. They are the spam delivery vehicle of the 21st century and, for whatever reason, Democrats want them to keep doing it. I don’t.

I don’t like having to throw away several pounds of paper every month. I’d rather they didn’t deliver it – so why do I need them?

I get my bills online and pay them that way. I don’t remember the last time I stuffed a check in an envelope and slapped a stamp on it. I vote in-person because I actually live day-to-day in my precinct – so why wouldn’t I just stop off and vote?

Personal correspondence is no longer in letter form. We use email, texting, social media – nothing that requires 1st class postage. As far as I can tell, the only things going through all those letter sorting machines are credit card offers I never asked for and unsolicited offers from people who want to by my house for cash.

USPS delivered 103.7 billion 1st class parcels (envelopes, mailers, etc) at its peak in 2001, according to a USPS webpage. Since then, letter-sized mailing volume has dropped substantially. In 2019, USPS processed just 54.9 billion 1st class items – and increasingly, it’s just junk.

Why do I need the USPS? Ummm…. well .. I .. sometimes get stuff from Amazon in the mailbox .. I guess??

UPS and FedEx could deliver those packages much more efficiently than the USPS and they have never, not even once, dropped off a junk or spam package. So again, WHY DO I NEED THE USPS?

It’s time to defund the post office. I don’t want what they send me and other companies are better at delivering the things I DO want.

It’s time to let the mailman move along. But, will they?

Here’s the crux, a ton of government workers, who you’ve probably had negative personal interactions with, don’t want to, or can’t, work anywhere else. They certainly can’t imagine taking on the workload of a FedEx or UPS employee.

It’s sad. but the post office is clueless on customer service, efficiency and accuracy. They just aren’t good at it.

It’s time to let one of the worst customer service agencies, and a relic of a bygone era, die.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the DMV? They’re next. Terrible service, hate their customers and really don’t do anything useful.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. We all have our US Postal Failure Stories of late.

    Given we are currently having Local delivery issues for the last 18+ months and had to report it to the local Postal Mgr. twice. eg. Local Mail taking 10 to 12 days to travel less than 8 miles based on post marked date.

    So excuse me, if I don’t trust the US Postal Service to be part of my Voting process.

  2. Problem with complaints to the postmaster is:

    Frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn.

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