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Democrats Have Defunded Themselves With Their Anti-Police Idiocy

Democrats are so intent on dividing America along racial, gender and ideological lines, and most recently their pandering to the murderous BLM movement and their blatant racial demands, that they have harmed themselves greatly in the current presidential election cycle with their defund the police stupidity.

Even the BLM’s most obvious ally in the Democrats’ racial pandering, poor blacks in inner cities that are run by Democrat mayors, are firmly against those corrupt mayors’ rhetoric, because they know that without police to keep the streets safe, and without police to respond to 911 calls, poor blacks’ lives would be impossible and would force them to live fearfully and exclusively in the relative safety of indoors and would keep them from being able to get food and other necessities from the few grocery stores left in these dangerous neighborhoods.

And then we see old lame-brained Joe Biden puffing himself up during the DNC convention, and getting down with the struggle by demanding that we defund the police, in order to look decisive and in sync with the people in the ‘hoods. This idiotic man has no capability of thinking through an issue and coming up with a solution to a problem, but he’s the pick of the demented Democrat party to lead the nation in a very dangerous world and an even more dangerous America, at a time when the Democrat party is more corrupt than the leading parties of China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba combined, all of which countries set examples of running a nation that Democrats want to emulate and reproduce in America.

When you add into the electability equation the consideration of whether or not the Democrats have the best interests of the American people as their guiding policies, just consider that at the Democrat Convention last week, there was not one, not a single, mention of the rioting, burning, looting, beating and police injuries that have occurred in Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore and other leftist burgs, with zero condemnation of this illegal and eventual Democracy-ending behavior on the part of leftist thugs. And the leftist news agencies will neither tell us about these gaps in Democrat posturing and strategy, nor will they even mention that these riots occurred while the Democrats dithered at their convention and celebrated themselves for being such good people, as opposed to that Trump guy, who has been demanding for at least two months that Democrat mayors get busy and stop this national tragedy, start enforcing laws and backing the duly appointed police departments, or he will send in federal troops to end the criminal activity.

Damn these Democrats to hell, and let’s get busy re-electing Donald Trump to the presidency in November.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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