BLM Is Mostly Peaceful, Like CNN Is Mostly Honest

The leftist press is fond of telling us how “peaceful” BLM’s and ANTIFA’s building-burning and head-smashing riots are, and it’s proof of the fact that CNN and their pals in the radical, leftist press are, not just mostly, but completely, dishonest.

The dishonesty of the main-stream press is staggering and dangerous when one considers that the citizens of a nation in the modern age need a dependable source of information concerning their city, their state, their nation and the world. And with a national election coming along in a few months, the need for dependable, unbiased and honest news is even more important. But Americans are being deprived of this necessary information because CNN and other leftist news organizations produce only fake news, if they produce any news at all.

CNN and MSNBC would have us believe that President Trump has been doing nothing about the Wuhan virus, that thousands of deaths are being seen every day because of Trump’s lack of interest, and that another national lockdown is necessary if we are to survive this pandemic. The truth is that leftist forces are making up numbers to convince us that the disease is getting worse each day. But the death-level of the disease has stabilized, and just staying the successful course we’ve taken with President Trump’s leadership will get the nation out of this mess, because another lockdown would assuredly take the nation into another depression, and this course of action must be avoided at all cost.

And, on the subject of the honesty of the cable news programs, how many viewers know that Portland, Oregon has had two straight months of nightly, violent rioting having nothing to do with George Floyd, but simply because violent Democrats just plain like to beat people and burn things? The leftist news programs began the summer by tolerating and even supporting the violence that poured out of Democrat gatherings, but now that these events have taken on a life of their own, CNN and MSNBC pretend that they never existed, and exclude them from their “news” programs every night because the leftist violence our nation has witnessed every night this summer is causing thinking people to appreciate the stable, peaceful leadership of President Trump and fear what will happen to America if the ultra-left Biden team take the White House and begin destroying the American society and its formerly successful economy by implementing their radical ideas enclosed in the Green New Deal.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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