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Trump Says He Has A Chance To Break The Deep State


When President Trump first came into office one of his promises was to “Drain the swamp.” At all his rallies supporters would yell “Drain the swamp.”Trump said he didn’t realize how deep the swamp was, but it looks like he is now getting around to it, but he better hurry because we can’t take the chance he’ll automatically win the election to do it then.


Recently Rush Limbaugh remarked that he thought Trump trusted the people around him like Comey, Brennan, Clapper and later Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix because they were all the crème de la creme in their fields and didn’t realize they would screw him over.

“But, yeah, they continue lying to [Trump],” Limbaugh said. “They lied to him about the virus. They lied to about 2.2 million people might die. And it was only because the people he was talking to are the creme de la creme in American health care, in American disease, in American medicine.”

The president “wanted to believe they were on his side,” Limbaugh said. “Despite what he’s seen from the FBI, despite what he’s seen from Comey, despite what he’s seen from Mueller — despite all that — in this instance, he still wanted to believe that people were on his side and were willing to work with him, because of the nature of this virus and disease and the potential problem.”


“But it didn’t take him long to figure out what their really objective was. Their real objective was to get the country shut down, get the economy stopped, keep it shut down as long as possible so that the negative impact on him would be insurmountable,” the host argued. “He would not be able to win reelection in November.”


When Fauci and Brix told Trump to shut down the government or 2.2 million people would die I don’t think they thought he’d really do it. Then they could say he was more concerned about his re-election than saving the country, but he brought their bluff and shut down the government. Now after 30 million people lost their job they  changed their tune and said their tables were wrong.

But now Trump has wised up to them and is fighting back.

President Donald Trump has made his battle against the so-called “Deep State” a central theme of both his 2016 presidential campaign and his administration’s first term. Now, it seems the fight is moving into its next phase.

I recently received a letter from a very good friend of mine that nails it explaining and exposing what  Trump is up against and the trap the media and deep state is setting for him what is happening today that is well worth considering as seen here:

“I don’t blame you for being angry.  I had to turn off the TV a lot of the time.  I started seeing every nasty group, quickly use this crisis to promote their cause, primarily to bring down Trump.  That’s the bottom line.  Period. George Floyd’s family wanted peace, and protestors were complying to protest in peace.  They wanted to honor Floyd’s memory.  Suddenly, these protestors were drowned out by well-organized, paid, professional rioters. It quickly was all about chaos, looting, rage and destruction.  The Socialist Dems, as usual, were using the blacks as their useful idiots.  No surprise here.  The peaceful protest was hijacked by the well financed rioters, and the Left’s agenda to bring down Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump has been in communication with all the governors and their mayors.  By law, it was their job to control this situation according to how it played out in each of their states.  Trump kept urging them to control their states, and offered any help to those that needed it.  Media won’t tell you this.  But Trump did.

Turns out the blue states too had their agenda.  That’s where the chaos was.  In essence, deliberately not to do anything about the riots, so that it looks like Trump is not doing anything about it. 

What they wanted was to force Trump to move in with his troops to prove a false narrative they’ve been pushing.  The narrative is that Trump is a dictator and will move in and take over.  CNN kept airing that Trump is a runaway dictator that has to be stopped. They were baiting him to send in troops to prove their point.  He answered them that if they were refusing to do their job of protecting the people and their property, he might have to do just that.  That’s dirty, underhanded  play.  Classic Socialist Dem move.  They were willing to risk our safety, and destruction of our property, to gain their political agenda.  Nothing new here.  In Socialist politics, people’s safety and property don’t count.  

Trump did not fall in that trap.  He went by rule of law.  He was not going to step on any of the state’s rights.  He waited for them to ask for help, which he offered repeatedly.  Trump said it publicly so that neither the states nor the media can deny it.  

When you saw, that Trump was “not doing anything”, is simply the result of behind the scenes, orchestrated, planned, chaos.  It’s exactly what the far Left wanted you to conclude with their dirty play.  Their playbook was twofold:  They would either convince you that Trump did nothing, or, if he did something, Trump was a crazed dictator.  It was a classic trap.

Falling in step with this plot, corrupt NY mayor DeBlasio ordered his NYPD to stand down!  This even brought on loud criticism from both Giuliani and Governor Cuomo against DeBlasio for tying NY police’s hands behind their backs, while rioters were hurting the citizens by destruction, fear, burning, and looting.  This was not Trump’s fault.  This was planned.  

What you feel is exactly what they want you to feel.  To lose faith in Trump.  This will not be the last incident for the Socialist Dems to use.  We still have a long way to go.  I said a long time ago that many incidences like this would happen.  The road would be bumpy.  But never lose sight of the real goal – Trump’s winning in Nov.  That’s what all this orchestrated chaos is all about.  

Just like the brave American soldiers who fought England for our freedom and independence, it is our turn, to fight to keep that freedom and our country.

We have the man, the only man, who can bring us to victory.  Trump”

 Recently Rush Limbaugh told a dishearted Trump supporter to his show saying for people to avoid the propaganda and the people lying to you who want you to feel exactly the way you feel.


“That is their objective. And then realize President Trump has limitless energy. He is a fighter. He is not going to fall to these people. He’s not going to cave. He’s not gonna give up on you. He is not gonna give up on the country. And he’s going to find people continually to surround him who have the same point of view.”

Trump walk

Limbaugh continued “Your attitude on life is going to change rapidly when you do not subject yourself to the constant lies — and that’s what you’re being hit with. You’re being lied to. You’re being propagandized. You’re being depressed. They are purposely… The people that do news today are purposely trying to drive people like you away from your support of Trump.

They’re trying to drive you away from your support of America as it was founded. They’re doing their best to make you think that you have lost. They want you to believe that there’s no reason to resist anymore. They want you to think there’s no reason to fight, that Trump has blown it, that they are winning, and that they are going to win.

In a recent interview, the president signaled that documents unearthed by Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell will give him the ammunition needed to “break” the group of bureaucrats and elected officials he believes pose a collective threat to his presidency, the Daily Caller reported.

Trump’s latest remarks came during a wide-ranging conversation with former CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson for her new program, Full Measure.

Attkisson asked him why it had taken more than three years to declassify “alleged wrongdoing” by bad actors in the prior administration, prompting the president to praise the work of both Grenell and John Ratcliffe, who was recently confirmed to take over as DNI and was sworn in following the interview, as The Dallas Morning News reported.

“Richard Grenell is a superstar,” Trump said, according to a transcript provided by Full Measure. “He had guts, he had courage to do what he did. We have another superstar going in as you know, John Ratcliffe. He just got approved yesterday and he’ll be taking over as of Tuesday.”

Continuing his endorsement of Grenell, the president said he was able to expose corruption within the government and pave the way for more robust action in the future.

Look, they were trying to do a takedown of the president of the United States illegally,” Trump said, according to the transcript. “It’s all illegal.”

So I’m very disappointed in certain people,” he told Attkisson. “And some people have done a phenomenal job, but what am I doing? I’m fighting the Deep State. I’m fighting the swamp. And I said I was doing it. And I’m exposing the swamp.”


Hinting at unspecified revelations yet to come, Trump said he anticipates having a “chance to break the Deep State.”

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany suggested the newly confirmed Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe could release more information about the tactics used by the FBI and the Obama administration to spy on Trump’s campaign,

Trump spent Tuesday night retweeting news and information on Twitter about the Russia “hoax” investigation as Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grennell spent his last day declassifying new documents about the case.

Trump has long decried establishment agencies and officials within the federal government, referring to the U.S. Department of State as “the Deep State Department” during a White House news conference in March.

Though critics of the administration write off his rhetoric as a diversion, Trump still has plenty of supporters across the country who are waiting to see what lies ahead in his war against the “Deep State.”

In his continued fight to break the deep state. President Trump continued Wednesday to raise questions about former President Barack Obama spying on his campaign during the 2016 election.


“New papers make CLEAR that the Obama Administration SPIED, in an unprecedented manner, on the Trump Campaign and beyond, and even on the United States Senate,” he wrote.

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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve been thinking the same and frustrated how ignorant many people are to what is really going on. Keep up the writing and be the voice of what conservatives are thinking. Don’t ever back down from the truth.
    This movement to denounce because you are white as a “white privilege” in insane. I’ve worked hard for what I have and it didn’t come by privilege”. Proud to be 1/2 Italian and 1/2 French, Irish, & English.
    I pray for Trump every day to stay strong and for the Lord to shield him in strength and courage.

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