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It’s Not About Privilege, It’s About Civilization

Dozens of Chicago’s young black men have been killed this month, not by the police and not due to the privilege of white people, they were killed by other young black men.

A mother has to witness the horror of her two-year old daughter being killed by a drive-by shooter as the child watches a television show.

A grandmother insists that her grandchildren play in the back yard of her home in order to avoid being shot by a passing car if they play in the front yard.

These horrific instances are examples of an uncivilized atmosphere in too many minority communities and have nothing to do with the notion of anyone’s privilege. And where were the fathers of the young people mentioned above?

Many of the homes that black people live in were once occupied by white families, and there were no drive-by murders committed at those earlier times. So why are these killings being committed in American neighborhoods today?

One place to search if you want answers to questions about our disastrously decaying society, is to discover who is running the cities in the greatest distress. The answer to that question is: Democrats have been running our moist dangerous and decaying cities for decades, and the shootings and the killings have gone unnoticed by the Democrat governors and mayors who have caused the destruction, and they don’t give a damn about who suffers under their dictatorial leadership, because to them, no lives matter. Winning and ruling is all that’s important to the Democrat political class.

The suffering of minority citizens has nothing to do with white privilege, and everything to do with Democrat insistence on giving orders and ruling with an iron fist.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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