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Is the Subservience Of Taking A Knee Really A Strong, Proud Position To Take?

For a few NFL seasons we’ve seen the most illogical events take place during the playing of the National Anthem. We’ve witnessed multi-millionaire, celebrated, Porsche-driving, gated-community-dwelling, strong, healthy, young black men kneeling to the god of political correctness and self-importance.

There is slavery in Africa and China that these people could be protesting. There are dozens of young black men being killed weekly in Chicago and Baltimore. There are fatherless children living on the streets of America with no hope for their future. And all the wealthy football players can complain about is the imagined racism that exists only in the minds of leftist, radical, Democrats.

It’s odd that strong, wealthy young men would stoop to act out the role of fashionable, woke, subservience that “taking a knee” has become, when a formal, positive action on their part would speak much louder and would get better results. They could loudly proclaim that school choice for young blacks be allowed by the leftist and racist teachers’ unions; they could loudly proclaim that fathers should be responsible for assuring their children are well provided for; they could insist that young black men stop killing other young black men; they could insist that no further damage and destruction be done to other-peoples’ businesses and property; they should sharply criticize the continued practice of slavery that exists in Africa to this very day.

But it’s much more stylish to blame whites and take the leftist, abused position on such things, because the Hollywood crowd, Washington celebrities and big corporate CEOs are much more fun to play with and be seen eating lunch with than to take a chance at making the fashionable Democrats angry with you and perhaps make you a persona non grata and lose an invitation to their wine parties on Martha’s Vineyard.

Fame and money have certain responsibilities, and our fancy football, baseball and basketball stars are wasting both by being selfish and ignoring reality that is contrary to the leftist jargon that is being spread around, and at a time when they could be doing some real good for those less fortunate than themselves.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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