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Fund The Police, But Defund Leftist Governors And Mayors

Whether the subject is disease, rioters or job creation, America can no longer afford to have leftists in positions of power. Most recently we have heard leftist (that is Democrat) officials insist that the police forces in their cities be defunded and disbanded, leaving millions of citizens in those Democrat cities at the mercy of rioters and marauders, which will only lead to more suffering and killing. It will also cause gang-style protection rackets to spring up in these far-left enclaves. Can you imagine living in a situation like that, fearing to leave your home, fearing to stay in your home, neighborhoods with vacated houses and burned-out structures lining every street? A total loss of your investment in a home that is now controlled by gangs and thugs.

The leftist American press refuses to report the facts of what‘s happened the last week in American cities which have suffered the most from the riots, so pressure is not on leftist politicians to behave honestly and conduct business that will benefit the citizens who live in those locations. In fact our national news agencies are now pooh-poohing the former idea of critically important social distancing, and is now telling our stupid population that it’s okay to pack closely in gangs while burning and looting in our major cities. No threat of spreading the virus here.

Under Democrat rule we’ve gone from businesses and storefronts being shutdown due to the lie of a fatal coronavirus, to seeing these same businesses being burned and looted, all because leftists hate America and the Capitalism that has made our nation comfortable and free, and they hate people who want to run their own businesses and support themselves and not have to depend on the corrupt government for their housing and food, which services will be run by corrupt leftists.

Whether the subject is economics, societal reform, politics or technology, things are constantly changing, but the important thing is that the changes be for the better, not for the worse, which is what we see evolving today. And it’s critical to understand that America’s political left are not the “progressives” they claim to be, but are regressive brown shirts, like the violent ANTIFA.

To be a black person in America is not to be oppressed because of that citizenship, but the political left oppresses black men in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Baltimore where young black men are murdered by other black men on a daily basis. Democrats claim that unarmed blacks are being shot by police at epic levels, when actually the reverse is true: the deaths of black men killed by each other are at an epidemic level, but it’s not mentioned by the leftist press because Democrats don’t care about black lives being wasted, they just use blacks for political fodder.

To be really oppressed is to reside in Los Angeles and San Francisco and have to live among the massive number of homeless and those people here illegally, who are packed into sanctuary cities of one kind or another.

Black lives do indeed matter, and the stores and restaurants providing a livelihood for black owners also matter, so why do the forces of the left, ANTIFA for example, burn those businesses down and destroy the owner‘s livelihood?

And it’s instructive that the latest deaths by police of unarmed blacks have occurred in the states of Washington and Minnesota, both tried-and-true, leftist states run by Democrats. Isn’t that interesting?

Another leftist institution that should also be defunded while we’re at it, is public schools and too many colleges, because that’s where the hate-America rhetoric is first introduced to young minds, and it’s where it must be halted.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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