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Beautify America: Wear A Mask

Remember when Americans were brave; when we had the power and courage to win wars; when we were creative and were the industrial leaders of the world; when states had mottos like “Live Free Or Die” and “Liberty and Independence”, and the states, and the residents of each state, were serious about what these words meant?

Well now, with just the rumor of a virus being among us, everyone reaches for their mask and we quickly look like the James Gang before marching in to a bank to stick it up. How did we get so wussy and weak all of a sudden? How did we lose our common sense and our ability to accept responsibility for our own health? Don’t people know that we have one or another virus every cold and flu season, and we all seem to come out of the season in one piece? But now, with the politicization of absolutely everything, just one nationally celebrated doctor blowing off about the “second wave” of the Wuhan virus, and we all get weak in the knees and reach for our masks.

Have we no longer the ability to think independently for ourselves and not follow-the-leader about everything? Haven’t we, as adults, the ability to judge risk levels and maybe not put the stupid mask on again today? And when did we lose our love of breathing free, as well as living free, and not having to re-inhale our own CO2 several times?

There is one redeeming aspect to this mask fiasco, though: with every mask that’s put on, America gets better looking. So for all Democrats out there: Keep your masks handy, and help keep America beautiful, again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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