NYT and WAPO Vomit Out Their Latest Sick Propaganda – Trump Death Clock

Surprise! Well, maybe not so much, more like predicting your grandmother would grab you by the scruff of your neck and make you brush your teeth after eating that piece of candy, The Washington Post headlines another anti-Trump article. Oh, but it is not just Colgate toothpaste, this time it is Colgate optimum plus with special enzymes to eradicate all possible remnants of plaque and annihilate the tooth’s mortal enemy, the cavity, once and for all!

Written by Eugene Jarecki and entitled, “Trump’s COVID-19 inaction killed Americans. Here’s a counter that shows how many.” Catch that? It is a Clarion call for a National Death Counter display like the National Debt Clock. The Post enlisted Jarecki’s special “film making and thinking skills” as that extra enzyme, which will be the catalyst to show the tooth (Americans) that President Trump (Cavity) is responsible for death and decay. How truly rotten can The Washington Post be?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Eugene Jarecki is hardly a neutral party. His works include the HBO documentary, “Reagan”, and more recently “The King “where he was quoted as saying about President Trump, “I did not want that person to touch the car,” says director, who adds that the president “doesn’t belong on the same planet as Elvis Presley.” His twitter feed enlightens one to his baked in the cake bias as well. Need some flavor just watch:

The New York Times and The Washington Post who masquerade as journalists vomit out their latest sick propaganda from TRUMPDEATHCLOCK.COM. Note that some significant time money has been spent to make this happen. See below with a photo screengrab:

Sadly this is not satire but a cleverly organized rather pernicious plan to be widely executed through media platforms and well-funded, billboard-like displays across the country. Multiple media are replicating the central narrative of Jarecki’s message, which is to declare Trump and his team’s reckless incompetence resulted in a delay that cost a specific number of Americans lives. At the time of this writing, the clock read, 46,703 lives lost due to POTUS inaction. See here, here and here. for the media collusion to drive the specific narrative.

Right Wire Report is as much as a good sport as the next blog – but this game is highly rigged. How does The Washington Post’s esteemed creator of the Trump Death Clock get to this estimated number of deaths he assigns to the President’s actions? By using limited sources and words like may, or could, and perhaps that is how the Svengali (or sticking with the metaphor maybe we should use Orin Scrivello DDS) tempers his readers to accept the false premises.

False premise #1:

Reports show that as early as January, the president was advised by both his own experts and the intelligence services of the need for urgent mitigation measures against the spread of the virus.”

The link takes you to that New York Times article that relies on something called the “Red Dawn Emails,” If you have been a player long enough in this ever-unfolding, mad, mad, mad, mad, deep state coup world, you would guess correctly that these were “LEAKED” documents to the NYT’s. Eighty pages of emails from within the bureaucracies of the CDC, Homeland Security, HHS, Universities, and Veterans Affairs as well as former government officials.

Come on! No need to roll the dice twice, you know where we land. We saw this exact performance so many times before, most recently, at Schiffs Impeachment hearings when underlings and “expert” bureaucrats took it upon themselves to squawk and spit at Trump’s policy choices towards Ukraine. But This ragtag team of specialists created a catchy name (movie) and produced a paper trail – how convenient.

Guess who started this project (paper trail)?  Dr. Duane Caneva, the chief medical officer at the Department of Homeland Security, appointed to his post in 2018. Now, this is where it gets rather interesting. These various colleagues, dawning their superman ( woman) capes to save the day didn’t just cross talk on the web about theoretical actions and outcomes to COVID-19. They reached out and utilized a Georgia Institute of Technology Researcher, Dr. Eva Lee ( now on administrative leave)to create disease projection, computer models. The same Dr. Lee who pleaded guilty in federal court to two felony counts of making false statements just last December. The same researcher who is presently banned from the Georgia Tech campus, locked out of her University email system and computer lab systems.

Lee’s lawyers requested the university to allow her access again stating she was working with the Federal government on the fight against the virus. The University requested Lee authenticate her involvement with the government and two government officials contacted the University in writing on her behalf. You guessed it -Dr. Duane Caneva was one of them. However, when the school chose to contact Caneva directly by phone pressing for detailed information he replied, “Dr. Lee had not been formally engaged by him or under any other projects with the government that he was aware of and was also not able to identify a point of contact in central command that he could direct us to.” Lee’s models are referenced within the 80-page email chain.


A recent investigative report by Kaiser Health News revealed that Lee has also been an active participant on an informal virtual team of academics and federal and state officials, including senior officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Health and Human Services, devoted to assessing risks and helping devise strategies to slow the outbreak. And Lee herself has developed model interventions and strategies for county and city officials across the country aimed at combating the virus now sickening their residents, hobbling their economies, and threatening to outstrip the public health resources they have on hand.”

These voices were not allowed a seat at the”significant team members “table but they wanted one. So like any academic not getting righteous attention they started patting each other on the back for being smarter than those chosen up the chain to work on the problem at hand. There are many exchanges directed at CDC mismanagement, but my favorite is between former Director Bossert, Parker, Lawler, and Hatchet over shutting down European travel, which they vehemently disagreed. Read those here.

Now read this saying the origin of the New York outbreak of virus cases came from Europe. Irony! As far as Intelligence reports are given to Trump in advance, which he ignored – not so fast. Read more here and here.

False Premise #2:

Finally, on March 16, he reversed his previously dismissive stance and announced “new guidelines for every American to follow.” But by then it was too late. The United States was already the world leader in its rate of COVID-19 infection and has since become home to one-third of the world’s cases and five times as many as any other country.”

First, America is testing far more citizens per population stat than any other country, so of course, we would expect to see an uptick in positives meaning infected population. A positive test does not equate to symptomatic or death numbers. We are tracking a lower mortality rate than expected, and approximately 10% of those who are infected become gravely ill. According to COVID Tracking Project, Worldometer and Our World in Data, no other country has run so many diagnostic tests as the United States, and they place the figure above five million to date. There are no credible numbers from China to be trusted. The United States has done more testing than the combined totals of Australia, Austria, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Coronavirus cases, as in the number of those tested positive for infection, is not a valuable metric to determine the expected severity of critical illness numbers. Media steadfastly report jumps in the number of confirmed cases daily as an alarm bell for whom the death of Trump’s election chances toll. Overall the real story should be a steady decline over the past two weeks in many states of positive results. A more quantitative metric would be to chart the number of hospitalizations that are falling as well. A good summary of these matters can be read here.

Jarecki, even threw in Dr. Fauci as a backup on Jarecki’s assertion early mitigation would have saved more lives, only to take him out of context and inaccurately. Fauci clarified the remarks here.

False Premise# 3:

“Leading epidemiologists have put a finer point on this, estimating that 50 to 80 percent of COVID-19 deaths in New York and approximately 90 percent of all American COVID-19 deaths can now be attributed to the administration’s delay between March 2 and 16.”

These “leading epidemiologists” are two people. Yes, TWO.  Britta L.Jewell and Nicholas P. Jewell (related?) stated that “an estimated 90% percent of coronavirus deaths in the US COULD have possibly been avoided if social distancing began March 2.” Further, “If social-distancing measures had been implemented on March 9, a week earlier, the move would have reduced the death toll by an estimated 60%. In New York City, the site of the country’s largest outbreak, deaths COULD have decreased by 50% to 80% of stay-at-home orders had been implemented on March 2.”

How did the Jewell’s scientifically determine the above statements were accurate? Well, do not collect $200 when you pass go because you found any hard data to support the claim. In fact, there is a vague reference to comparing the states of Kentucky and Tennessee and how implemented safety precautions just days apart, showed that Kentucky’s actions prevented more deaths than Tennessee. But Tennessee has the number one visited park in the country (Great Smoky Mountains), which gets millions of domestic and international travelers annually. Like Mardi Gras, the resorts in East Tennessee saw a large tourist influx just prior to the outbreak.

Other supporting data for the claims are nonexistent. Consider this headline from the same paper that published Jewell’s expert analysis – “Why We Don’t Know The True Death Rate For COVID-19.” How do they reconcile these two headlines?

After reading The Washington Post’s article and supporting data of other articles therein- if taken as credible, they actually prove another case altogether. After all, Jarecki is fixated on numbers and specifically counting deaths. Does he know the CDC compiles the number using a mix of COVID-19, Influenza, and Pneumonia deaths combined?  Perhaps some alternative titles are in order:

  • “Dr, Fauci’s Death Watchtower” – During a February 29, 2020, interview, Dr. Fauci said that at that time and under the circumstances pertaining to that date, Americans didn’t need to change their behavior patterns. So when does the Fauci death clock startup?
  • “Pelosi’s Chinatown Death March” – February 24, Pelosi said, “It’s exciting to be here, especially at this time, to be able to be unified with our community,” “We want to be vigilant about what is out there in other places. We want to be careful about how we deal with it, but we do want to say to people ‘Come to Chinatown, here we are – we’re, again, careful, safe- and come join us.’” So when does Pelosi’s death clock startup?
  • “The Three Amigos Deadly Ride” – Then there are the New York Trio (Cuomo, Deblasio, and Barbot), who each called for normal interactions all the way through mid-March. New York City had the greatest percentage of deaths in the country. So when does the Trio’s death clock start?

This alternative propaganda could drag on and on, so we will stop it here and say we would not endorse any of the three above titles. Why? Right Wire Report refuses to play those sorts of games, and any decent person should steer clear of them too. The depth of intellectual dishonesty and frankly evil intent is beyond disturbing even as we have had to sit through all the previous leftist games … we still feel shocked!

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