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Leftists Pretending to Be Pro–Life

The WuFlu has been a godsend for the left. And I’m not talking about the startling discovery that 95 percent of the USA is willing to be confined to quarters solely on the basis of a computer model whose numbers are undergoing constant revision to repair past mistakes.

Rick McKee Augusta Chronicle

Instead the China Flu gives the left an unparalleled opportunity to attack conservatives, who would like to borrow their lives back, on the basis of defending the lives of the vulnerable.

It’s quite a change from ‘Shout My Abortion!’

Atlantic writer Amanda Mull is today’s case in point. Her entry in the ProLife sweepstakes is “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice.” Summary: Re–opening the state will be grannies on a gurney as far as the eye can see.

Gov. Brian Kemp decided enough is enough. His state will no longer be held prisoner by what amounts to high–tech witch doctory. Mull writes, “Kemp abruptly reversed course on the shutdown, ending many of his own restrictions on businesses and overruling those put in place by mayors throughout the state.”

That’s misleading. The restrictions Kemp ended were closures. There are plenty of Flu Manchu Security Theatre measures that reopened businesses will be required to follow. All that’s missing is random TSA agents pawing through your drawers while you wait to enter the barbershop.

Social distancing, masks, limits on occupancy, temperature checks and the death penalty for sneezing are all in the mix.

It’s important to note, in contrast to the mandatory lockdowns so beloved by the left, reopening is optional.

Mull’s antidote for opening is to administer another dose of the Great Pandemic Panic: “Kemp’s order shocked people across the country. For weeks, Americans have watched the coronavirus sweep from city to city, overwhelming hospitals, traumatizing health-care workers, and leaving tens of thousands of bodies in makeshift morgues.”

That’s the medical reporting equivalent of invoking the Boogie Man. Even in New York City no hospitals were “overwhelmed.” And I think the “makeshift morgues” were in China.

Mull really amps up the “sacrifice” theme with “In the grips of a pandemic, the approach is a morbid experiment in just how far states can push their people. Georgians are now the largely unwilling canaries in an invisible coal mine, sent to find out just how many individuals need to lose their job or their life for a state to work through a plague.”

I’m forced to guess indignation got the best of Mull here, since the jobs are already lost, that’s why Kemp decided to reopen Georgia. No one is going to be going through assisted–living facilities forcing MeMaw and PePaw to get jobs at Walmart.

Kemp’s reopening is designed to protect the Kung Flu vulnerable — mostly the elderly — and let the rest of us stop cowering and start living.

When counting WuFlu deaths in Georgia we learn pretty quickly that Mull’s worries about “human sacrifice” depend solely on which humans may or may not be sacrificed.

Johns Hopkins reports 1,043 residents have died from the WuFluenza, a death rate of 10 per 100K population. That puts Georgia in 11th place in the death derby. The largest proportion of those deaths — DURING A LOCKDOWN! — were in nursing homes and long–term care facilities.

Those deaths were unintentional. Now let’s compare unintentional with intentional deaths. Intentional deaths that are part of a regime Mull enthusiastically supports.

The Guttmacher Institute reports the shocking numbers of abortion deaths in Georgia: 30,330 unborn children were sacrificed on the altar of convenience and “Choice” in 2017. That’s 286 per 100K population. Besides being almost 30 times the number of WuFlu deaths, every last one of those unborn were killed intentionally.

Evidently those numbers are the bare minimum acceptable for Mull’s grim calculus. When the legislature passed HB–481 — the Georgia Heartbeat Bill which banned most abortions after eight weeks, when a heartbeat is detectable — Mull called it “the so–called heartbeat abortion bill” and worried about the women “whose reproductive rights would be affected.”

Zero concern for the wholly vulnerable population of the unborn.

Zealots like Mull hide their obscenity behind talking points. The unborn aren’t ‘viable.’ When in truth, a child really isn’t viable until about age six and even then, it’s touch–and–go. What they are after birth is VISIBLE and that makes all the difference.

Mull’s crocodile tears for the elderly are contemptible as is her hysterical concern for “human sacrifice.” The left’s insincere concern for people they would normally ignore is just another avenue to attack Trump and his supporters.

My suggestion for Mull is if she really wants to see humans sacrificed and dumped in a “makeshift morgue” all she has to do is take a stroll by the dumpster hidden behind an abortion mill.

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Michael R Shannon

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