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Is The CDC Meddling In The 2020 Election?


Prior to this pandemic the country and everyone was doing better thanks to Trump’s policies. He lowered the FICA tax so everyone had more money in their paychecks, my wife has $20 more each week in her check because of that. He lowered the business tax from 35% to 21% so companies were moving back here in droves from overseas to build and hire here. Trump allowed drilling in ANWR and other pipelines and got the Keystone pipeline going that would create 48,000 new jobs extending from Canada to Mexico and made us energy independent for the first time in 70 years and lowered prices at the pump. This is just a smattering of the 300 successes he had as well as slowly ending the wars we were involved in like Iraq and Afghanistan and pulling us out of Somalia and Syria. By Trump lifting the rules of engagement imposed on our troops by Obama, we were able to defeat ISIS and the caliphate. Yes, Trump freed us from the bondage of regulations Obama had imposed on us and this angered the do nothing democrats and media since they all support dependency (socialism) with them on top and us on the bottom they are the masters and we the slaves. That’s how they attain power.  Now with this pandemic, all that has fallen by the wayside and crumbled much to the do-nothing democrats and media’s delight. The biased media’s MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski recently stated, “It’s our job to tell you what to think.”

I recently saw an article written by Julie Kelly that questions if the CDC is meddling in the 2020 election. In this article, she saysThe Centers for Disease Control is looking more and more like the 2020 version of James Comey’s FBI. The agency that foisted the disastrous experiment of “social distancing” on 330 million unwitting American lab rats continues to inveigh on matters far beyond its purview or expertise.

Not satisfied with throwing tens of millions of American workers on the unemployment line or forcing tens of millions of American students out of school with its initial “Flatten the Curve” plan immediately followed by its “Slow the Spread” plan, the CDC has prepared yet another outlandish plan to prolong the nation’s misery.

The document was leaked to the press last week and published by the Associated Press on Thursday sourced by—surprise!—an anonymous government official who was “not authorized to speak to reporters “The guidance contained detailed advice for making site-specific decisions related to reopening schools, restaurants, summer camps, churches, daycare centers and other institutions,” the AP reported. “It had been widely shared within the CDC and included detailed ‘decision trees,’ flow charts to be used by local officials to think through different scenarios.”


As one would expect, the guidance is a labyrinth of costly, unconstitutional, and draconian recommendations that would result in a permanent paranoid police state for the foreseeable future.

Now multiple individuals working for the Trump White House have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days. Since at least one of those people had been in close proximity to President Donald Trump, a former official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes he should self-quarantine for the recommended two-week period,

A personal valet to the president reportedly contracted the virus, which led Dr. Cyrus Shahpar to issue his advisory. “The recommendation would be to quarantine for 14 days from the last contact with the confirmed case — in this case, the valet,” he said

Further elaborating, Shahpar said such a prescription “means staying home, no visitors, separating yourself from others, monitoring for symptoms, wearing a face-covering when you’re around others.”

Despite the regular testing Trump has undergone throughout the pandemic, the doctor said those negative results do not guarantee Trump has not contracted the virus.

The coronavirus crisis is reaping big political benefits for Democrats. President Trump’s signature achievement—a booming economy with record low unemployment, rising middle-class wages, and a sky-high stock market—lies in tatters. At least 33 million Americans abruptly and without warning are out of work. Second-quarter gross domestic product estimates are horrifying, a double-digit dive that the country has never experienced even in the direst economic times.

Americans are scared for their health and fearful of the future. Neighbors are turning on each other; the inner tyrant of every state governor, mayor, and police officer has been unleashed. And President Trump has been denied access to his only stimulant—energetic political rallies where he connects directly with supporters across the country.

Instead, the president has been stuck in Washington, D.C., listening to the advice of “experts” who used fraudulent models to convince him in late March to “shut down” the country.

Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, has been safely shuttered away in his home studio where he struggles to read teleprompter scripts or offer articulate responses to softball questions from late-night hosts. The Democratic National Convention has been canceled so the American electorate won’t be able to assess Biden’s frailty and incoherence on a national stage a few months before Election Day.

At the same time, near-daily disclosures confirm that corrupt federal prosecutors and cops loyal to Barack Obama targeted Trump associates to sabotage his 2016 candidacy and then derail his presidency under the ruse of Russian election collusion.

The two events, anyone who has been paying attention over the past five years certainly realizes, are not unrelated. Moreover, it’s becoming clear that the coronavirus crisis may succeed where the Russia collusion hoax failed: To oust Donald Trump from the Oval Office.”

Trump called their bluff. They never thought he’d trash his own economy, his ability to hold rallies, and the stock market 9 months before the election. They wanted to go and say, “we warned the President 2 million will die, and he is trying to protect his reelection campaign! “. But… Trump didn’t. He did even more than they advised him to do… and caught the CDC and FDA flat footed. He’s in his wheelhouse. He’s been divorced and he’s declared bankruptcy. He knows how to come back. There are few politicians in DC that can match that and no bureaucrats that can even imagine it.

They painted him into an impossible corner and he called their bluff… betting he can turn it into the biggest comeback story ever. I could be wrong, but that’s my gut. This summer is going to be epic. A ” recovery summer” with an actual recovery.

EVERY reason for the shutdown is now proven false. The fatality estimates were off by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude. The hospital system didn’t crater. We didn’t come close to running out of ventilators. Masks do help. Existing medications do help prevent the disease, and help people survive it. The virus had already spread before the shutdown and continued to spread after it. And now they inform us that the shutdown doesn’t really save lives, it just spreads the fatalities out over time.

It was never about public health. It was and is about defeating Donald Trump, who is the embodiment of the opposition to their salivating tyranny. The only question is whether they deliberately caused the virus or whether they just cynically seized upon it as their October surprise.

He had no choice, and that was the plan all along. If he hadn’t taken action the media was ready to pump up the dead and blame him for each and every one.  I think the American left is being advised by the Chinese communist party. There’s no way a plan like this was dreamed up by the bunglers that gave us the Russian collusion hoax. This is a sophisticated psychological warfare operation executed in the same fashion the Chinese communists use to keep their citizen-slaves in line. Trump put a stop to Chinese ripping off America and it tanked China’s economy. The democrats teamed up with the Chinese to get Trump out. Plain and simple. It’s no coincidence that the left’s “cure” for coronavirus is a government-enforced surveillance state.

Why do we continue to test since 95% of tests are negative? Even if you tested everyone in the state, a person could get the virus after they were tested. What’s the objective here? We know the CDC is telling states to manipulate their Chinese flu deaths so the data is highly tainted.

This is one more huge charade launched by those that hate our president but include in that, the CCP, Bill Gates, Soros, and Big Pharma.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are working to protect China, blocking an investigation into tax money to Wuhan lab.

Nervous nancyCongressman Rep. Guy Reschenthaler told that, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would rather investigate President Donald Trump again, than, focus on U.S. tax dollars that went to the Chinese lab. Reschenthaler wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, inquiring about a Pentagon grant to EcoHealth Alliance Inc., a New York firm, that has had a history of funding the Wuhan Institute, with subgrants from American taxpayers.

Each year: -600,000 Americans die from cancer -300,000 die from obesity -250,000 die from medical errors -120,000 die from Alzheimer’s -55,000 die from the flu -45,000-commit suicide -And 700,000 babies are aborted The ONLY reason the media hasn’t reported on those other “pandemics” is that, except for the Coronavirus, Trump was not the president and they couldn’t cause ANOTHER panic to blame on Trump!!!

If there is nothing else the past few weeks has taught us, it’s that the STUPIDITY fostered by the Democrats travels faster than any virus!!

What we have been experiencing these past months is DELIBERATE Tyrannical Economic Destruction not protection! We are NOT in this together! We are being herded like SHEEP!!! Welcome to the Democrat mandated POLICE STATE!!

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. Whether this is all true or not, it is my belief that it is. It has been my suspicion that what this article is about is exactly what has happened to us. All of a sudden all the original suspects have come crawling out of the woodwork and are still inserting themselves into President Trump’s work. Must be getting worried. They have managed to turn our country and the world inside out just to oust our president. Maybe we’ll go about our daily lives as usual but I think a lot of us will be tip toeing around those who have felt the new power they were given and showed us they would use it for whatever would make them the winner. Winner of what? More unstifled power.
    I hope I’m wrong. I hope my president will be stronger than ever against those who want to make his life miserable. He is our only hope to save our country as we know it can be.

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