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CDC Reports Dramatic Drop in Regular Flu Deaths (See Chart), Coincidence?

For well over a few months now we have been watching the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University scare map death ticker go up like a ticker on the gas pump at your local filling station filling up your car gas tank.

The number that we have all been asking for is how many people are dying of regular Pneumonia and Influenza during the Coronavirus pandemic? It seems that we know the exact death rates of COVID-19 deaths by the minute. For regular Flu, not so much. How can this be? Well, finally, we have some data from the CDC to look at from the Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report. Take a look at the following chart:

One can download the spreadsheet source CDC data to confirm this chart – click here. Is it not amazing that the regular Flu deaths have dropped like a rock starting at the beginning of February 2020? The dramatic diversion of regular Flu deaths vs. recent past years started at the same time the Coronavirus pandemic started. Hmmm … Where did all these deaths go? The 2019-2020 regular Flu season has been phenomenally great (fewer deaths) compared to the past six years. Has the world been cured of regular Flu? 

There have been many reports coming in questioning the current COVID-19 death rates. Here and here are just a few examples. Here at Right Wire Report, we have as well called into question these numbers – see here and here. Are in fact COVID-19 deaths being grossly misrepresented? Whether the accounting of the statistical data is nefarious or not is yet another question. All this matters, as it is driving many major policy-making decisions by politicians.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, 30 million have sought U.S. unemployment aid. If the current lockdowns continue much longer, we are looking at a global depression where for sure, the cure will be far worse than the pandemic. If the truth of the underlying data is not well understood it will have catastrophic results.

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  1. Has the World been cured of the FLU? ….. NO.

    But with the majority of world actually taking the sanitation steps to Prevent/Avoid the Covid-19. They have eliminated a vast majority of the Flu’s Infection chain processes. Thus drastically shorting “this” flu cycle and a host of other minor population transferred illnesses..

  2. My second eldest daughter is a physician and is currently under contract with the Dept of Veterans Affairs. Bureaucrats who are for the most part LIEberal have no idea how to handle crisis. To say they can only offer “knee jerk” reactions is an understatement. LIEberals rely on Consensus Opinion for everything. They have no ability to be objective on their own opting for the opinions of idiots who only want grant money from the government. So what we have been fed is consensus opinion. If something is consensus it is not science. Parading so called X-Spurts in front of a camera is not true science only OPINION!!

    Since Trump turned all response and treatment to the individual states (which was the correct thing to do) we have been under assault Mandating wearing masks and Politically Correct “social distancing” another way of taking total control) does little to stem the Coronavirus outbreak.

    Wearing the best surgical mask only provides a maximum of 30% filtration as air seeps around the mask letting 70% pass by!! Home made cloth masks that are the craze are at best, less than 15% effective!!

    What we have been experiencing these past months is DELIBERATE Tyrannical Economic Destruction not protection! We are NOT in this together! We are being herded like SHEEP!!! Welcome to the Democrat POLICE STATE!!

    If there is nothing else the past few weeks has taught us, it’s that the STUPIDITY fostered by the Democrats travels faster than any virus!!

  3. I’m sure highway deaths are down drastically as well as at work deaths. Also, expect a ‘Corona baby boom’ in the next 8-12 months. By the time this is all over this may have been population positive event.

  4. Flu deaths down, traffic deaths will be lower, at work deaths will be lower. And we can likely expect a ‘corona baby boom’ in the next 8-12 months. By the time we’re past this it could actually prove to be a net positive for the population.

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