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Biden Ad Calls Trump A Deer In The Headlights With Virus Response


Joe Biden’s campaign is saying in a new ad that Trump was unprepared for the virus and acted like a deer in the headlights when it came to the virus which is totally a crock.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Friday launched a new digital spot that charges that President Trump was “unprepared” and “indecisive” as the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe.

The spot claims that as “the warning signs became more ominous, the alarms flashed red, and there was our president unprepared, indecisive, frozen, paralyzed by his fear of offending the Chinese government and losing his precious trade deal, panicked at the thought of what a stock market collapse would mean to his reelection.”

The president, defending his record, has repeatedly pointed to his ban on non-U.S. citizens from flying from China to the U.S., which was implemented on Feb. 2. Trump issued the travel ban on Jan 29th, and Biden and the Dems called him racist and xenophobic. Later on when they found he was right they said he should have acted sooner.

A week later, at a White House briefing on the coronavirus, Trump again praised his administration’s actions, declaring that “everything we did was right” as he slammed media reports that his administration had failed to adequately ramp up testing and production of medical supplies to those on the front lines fighting the outbreak.

Now a new Biden ad claims Trump ‘froze like a deer in the headlights’ when coronavirus hit” The essence of this ad is one huge lie, or as some like to refer to it as revisionist history. Anyone with even a modest ability of recall would remember in January when the president was already responding to the virus threat by banning flights from China, while the do-nothing leftists were all consumed pursuing their failed impeachment nonsense. BTW, old creepy Joe and many of his leftist cronies at the time raged against the president’s travel ban from China as racist, xenophobic, and totally unnecessary.

Biden has become a joke to anyone with a brain. The only deer in headlights is him…he can’t remember the state he is in, the office he is running for or anything else important. He is scary. A vote for Biden is really a vote for whomever he picks as VP and his choices are slim.

Poor Joe. In an interview with Joe Curran on CNBC he doesn’t even know who he’s running against: Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Friday appeared to tell CNBC he will defeat himself in the November election. “I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden,” Biden said. “Look at my record.”


Meanwhile a new FOX poll obviously manipulated towards Biden claims people say Biden would handle the virus better but Trump has an edge on the economy. WHAT???? Biden can handle the virus better than Trump? You mean the guy that can’t remember yesterday, who gets his wife mixed up with his sister and can’t remember the name of his campaign manager and stays stuck in his basement could handle the virus better? Who are they polling? Some aliens from outer space?

Trump handled the whole virus scene by himself. He got the two hospital ships here in record time. He set up the largest hospital with 3000 beds in the Javits center in four days, he got CEO’s from different companies including Mike Lindell from My Pillow at the white house to pledge to supply the country with masks, ventilators, gowns, etc. and he got the Army to set up makeshift hospitals across the country to test people all while the dems and Biden sat on their hands and did nothing. They looked like the deer in the headlights not Trump.

trump andBiden 2

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee slammed Joe Biden on Sunday, arguing that the former vice president’s campaigning from his Delaware basement has been “disastrous,” adding that if the Democrat were president, “we’d all be in the basement.”

“This is a guy who has spent the last several months in the basement,” Huckabee said. “It’s where you put all your cranky relatives… and keep ’em out of sight because every time he surfaces… he comes out, sees his shadow, makes a gaffe and then he spends the next three days with… his staff apologizing for what he said.”


When asked during a Sunday interview with WJLA what Biden’s strongest feature was as a political opponent, Trump noted that he could have said experience but explained why he did not think it was appropriate.

“Well, I would have said experience, but he doesn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday,” Trump said. “So how is that experience? He’s been there a long time. He was never known as a smart person.”

The president then started by saying that Biden is “not mentally sharp enough to be president.” He then went on to say that the former vice president has problems with China and Russia, but then jumped back to attacking Biden’s intellect.

“Biden doesn’t know, I mean, he doesn’t know he’s alive,” Trump continued. “I’m against somebody. Think of it. I’m against somebody that can’t answer simple questions. I’ve never seen anything like it, but here’s what I am against. I’m against a very powerful party, the Democrats, and they can take this glass of water and say that’s your candidate.”

How can a major party candidate win if nobody cares whether he’s even alive? Because Biden’s candidacy isn’t a referendum on Biden but on Trump: President Donald Trump is widely perceived as volatile, unstable, chaotic. Biden is perceived as somnambulant. Better a sleepwalker, many voters seem to think, than the rolling chaos of a second Trump term.

Some of the new proposals are directly from the Sanders campaign: forgiving student loans, a Green New Deal, expansion of government health care, a government jobs plan, a ban on stock buybacks and compulsion toward profit sharing for corporations.

Biden’s views have been exposed and stand in stark contrast to President Trump, who visited Michigan Thursday and actually listened to the needs of black people from black people.

On his visit the president asked black community leaders what we need to deal with COVID-19, a disease that has unmasked long-standing inequities in black communities. Black journalists and business people were there, joining in advocating for jobs and training to build up black communities and the entire state of Michigan.

Conventionally one thinks of presidential elections as a choice between ideology A and ideology B, between competence and incompetence, or, in extreme cases, between good and evil. This year, I think the presidential election is a choice between sanity and insanity. CNN exemplifies the forces of insanity that are desperately trying to drag Joe Biden across the finish line.

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