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5 DIY SEO Tips to Improve Your Organic Rankings

Search engine optimization is vital for a website to survive in 2020. Since up to 60% of interactions online start with a search engine, it pays to have your primed for them. However, SEO is not as easy as some people might think. It takes time and resources to get to the top results of any search engine, and more so if it’s a popular niche. Those with the resources minus the time will often get an SEO agency to take care of their websites. They are good, but their fees might seem expensive for someone operating on a budget.

If you are short of money or would like to do SEO yourself, there are a few DIY SEO tips that can do wonders for your website. SEO Jacksonville FL, doesn’t have to be expensive as they say. You can use these DIY tips to bolster your knowledge and experience before you can afford an SEO agency.

1. Know your audience

For you to be successful at any business, you first have to know your target demographic. This means getting to know their pain points in as much detail as possible. These might include their age, geographic location, sex, level of education, income levels, and so on. With this data in mind, you can then start determining the appropriate keywords to use and the sort of content that will ring true to the audience.

While using Google’s autofill and results is an excellent way to check out what the people are asking, a more comprehensive look is needed in the developing stage. There are several free but useful tools out there, such as Keyword Tool Dominator, which can get you a better picture of what’s going on. Forums like Quora and Reddit are also a source of inspiration as they can give you an inclination as to what your audience wants.

2. Get to know keyword research and planning

Once you have a decent picture of your target audience, you can now move to keyword research. Keywords are essentially words people use to search for information or items on search engines. A proper understanding of the right keywords to use is essential as it will assist you in terms of generating content around the keywords and also knowing which ones don’t have as much competition so that you can take advantage.

There are several free tools at your disposal, such as Ubersuggest and Google’s Keyword Planner, which are very helpful. If you have the funds, a paid research tool such as SEMrush can also come in handy. You must search for phrases used in a more human way instead of jargon. Long-tail phrases also come in handy because they often have a high search volume and are under-utilized.

3. Create, build and maintain your social media

Social media today is a massive part of life. People share the content they love with their friends and followers so that they can also enjoy it. Social media also helps you to connect with industry partners, customers, the general public, and even your competitors. By creating and maintaining your social media presence, you build up a following which can help get traffic to your website.

Social media is also great because it can be used to promote the content you have on your platform. Once you have a new post, you can share it across your different platforms to encourage traffic to the new pieces you post. If the content is engaging and provokes interactions and shares, Google’s bots will deem the information as helpful, which will better your rankings.

4. Blog consistently

Pages on your website might not change quite often. And this is precisely why you need to blog more. Since Google’s bots are consistently looking for new content, content on your blog can be the catalyst to boost your organic rankings. Since you might not have the time to post new articles consistently, you can take advantage of plugins such as the Scheduled posts plugin or the editorial calendar plugin to schedule your posts. Thereby create your posts beforehand and then choose the date and time the posts will be posted.

That way, you populate your website more passively. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing and instead have an eye on research from Google trends, which will give your content the best chance of being discovered. As the website grows older, so does the domain authority, which is an added benefit to you.

5. Eliminate plagiarism from your posts

Wilful duplication of content is one of the biggest mistakes anyone with a website can do. Google Panda penalizes sites that have duplicate content by eliminating them from the search results. When it becomes apparent that the website houses a lot of duplicate content, it’s blackballed completely. If you want to use another website’s content, you can provide a link back to the site or appropriately reference the work.

You require a huge team of professionals for your SEO in Jacksonville FL, to bear fruit. By following these tips, you can be sure that your rankings will improve with time.

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us here at SEO Gainesville FL.

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