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The Coming War With China

China-Donald-Trump-trade-warSeveral years ago before Trump came into power I used to get e-mails talking about the coming war with China. I thought it was just spam so I never bothered reading them. I recently have been blogging and doing some research about China and their budding economy, them ripping us off to the tune of 500 billion a year selling us their inferior products for top dollar and Trump putting tariffs on them thus getting all those billions back to us.

We know COVID-19 came from China. I also believe they intended to release it upon the world to make markets crash and their economy surge thus making them stronger among the global economies. What I am revealing here is purely my opinion and what my research has shown and it could be just a theory, but sounds very plausible.
In summary, this is what I think they did:

  • They created this virus in their Wuhan Bio Lab and released it on their own people to start this epidemic;
  • They expected the virus to spread world-wide and kills thousands [if not millions] of people;
  • They expected markets to crash worldwide;
  • They expected the US economy to tank;
  • They expected President Trump to be defeated in 2020 [I suspect they were working with Soros and the Democrats];
  • They expected their economy would surge because they make most of the medical supplies to fight the virus. As you know their economy was doing poorly because of our US Tariff Program.

However, China seriously under-estimated the following world-wide response:

President Trump will win big-time in 2020 and he will have a conservative House and Senate; Trump is draining the swamp.

  • He recently fired several IGs that were under Obama and is putting in his own.
  • In time, Companies and Governments world-wide will no longer deal with China;
  • In time, Companies and Governments will bring manufacturing back to their homelands where it belongs;
  • In time, people worldwide will refuse to buy Chinese products;
  • In time, the China economy will tank big time;
  • In time, China will return to being a minor player world-wide and they will lose any worldwide stature they may have had.
  • I think in the long term China will suffer greatly for what they have done to the world.

Have you noticed in the media that the US Marines have changed and announced their new strategic focus? They are realigning their equipment and Marines to focus on containing and preparing to battle China. A good friend of mine lives in Calif. and says they have seen many military vehicles going up and down Pacific Coast Highway. What’s going on?

Attorney General William Barr told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night that the Chinese government is engaged in a “full-court blitzkrieg” against the United States.

AG barr

This virus originated in China, we still don’t have all the data, we still don’t really know about Patient Zero in China,” Ingraham said. “A lot of that data is being withheld still from the United States, and top medical people are saying that. What about the Justice Department getting involved more, I guess obviously, to the American people in this battle against the ongoing propaganda machine of China in the United States at our universities, in businesses – hey, in the White House Press Room the other day.”

“Yes. The Department is heavily engaged in that, in fact, that’s one of our highest priorities in the counter-intelligence realm, counter-espionage realm, and protection of trade secrets as our activity’s directed to defend against the Chinese,” Barr responded. “The Chinese are engaged in a full-court blitzkrieg of stealing American technology, trying to influence our political system, trying to steal secrets at our research universities and so forth. And we are focused on it. We have something we call the China Initiative. We’ve brought a lot of indictments, but it’s something that we also have to expose by letting the business community understand exactly the nature of the threat.”

“Given what you know today about the panoply of abuses internationally against the United States, who’s the bigger threat to America’s election security – Russia, or China?” Ingraham asked.

“In my opinion it’s China,” Barr responded. “And not just to the election process, but I think across the board there’s simply no comparison.

China is a very serious threat to the United States geopolitically, economically, militarily, and a threat to the integrity of our institutions given their ability to influence things.”

Barr is right. As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, one fact is increasingly clear: The Chinese Communist Party caused this crisis.

From the moment the coronavirus emerged in central China, Beijing has acted in a way that made a pandemic possible and then inevitable. It covered up what was happening in Wuhan. It silenced whistleblowers who sought to warn the world. It stole medical supplies from other countries, even while claiming the sickness was no big deal.

At every stage, the Chinese Communist Party has lied. Now at least 50,000 people have died. And the number is growing by the minute.

Beijing’s culpability is the result of its oppression — its “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” The only way to stop a spreading sickness is to spread information even faster, giving people and countries the facts and the time to prevent a pandemic. China’s rulers made that impossible. Starting in December, communist authorities cracked down on anyone talking about the coronavirus.

According to Marion Smith is executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington,  When a brave doctor warned his peers online, he was summoned by police in the middle of the night and forced to write a “self-criticism” — a classic communist method of silencing dissenters that forces them to confess supposed crimes. When Chinese journalists wrote about the sickness, their work was censored. When average citizens took to social media to share the facts, they were silenced. Beijing did everything in its power to prevent the outside world from figuring out what was really going on.

If Beijing had allowed doctors in China to raise the alarm and contain the threat, the virus could have been stopped in its tracks.

If Beijing had accurately described how the virus spread, people from New York to New Delhi could have prepared accordingly.

If Beijing had given the real number of infected people and deaths, other countries would have recognized the danger, and taken necessary steps.

But Beijing wasn’t honest. It lied. It is lying still. As a result, more than a million people are sick, and millions could die before the year is out.

Their blood is on the Chinese Communist Party’s hands. If the coronavirus crisis proves anything, it’s that communism — its logic, its brutality, its incompetence — is still a grave threat to the entire world.

The sooner communism is swept into the dustbin of history, the safer we’ll all be.


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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. The Chinese have now murdered the same amount of American’s as were killed in the whole of the Vietnam War.

  2. America murdered 4 million people in Indo-China.

    If you want facts, both historical and present, and not brainwashed revisionism, watch John Pilger’s “The Coming War On China”. It’s on YouTube.

  3. Mr. Clayton, love “Trade War,” you hit the nail closest on the head to the real thing. Do not trust the Dragon. Have a novel called “Hualapai Pilot.” It is set in northwestern Arizona, in the Hualapai Mountains, south of Kingman. Wish I could send some of it to you. written over the few years. Not trying to get rich, would give it to the world free as a warning guide. From now on, I will follow your lead. You one smart guy Jm. Thank you.

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