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Guess Who Wants Voting Via Mail-In Ballots?

You might know that they party best known for voter fraud, the party who never finally was able to determine the winner in their last primary caucus in Iowa, and the party for whom it took about two weeks to finally determine the vote count in their latest primary in California, now wants the entire nation to revert to write-in ballots for every election in every state. Of course, it’s the Democrat party.

The party that claims Americans have lost faith in the American system of voting, now proposes that we implement a system that is the easiest to fraudulently subvert and falsify, and which would result in the public not trusting the outcome of any election, ever again. Democrats have become addicted to chaos and want to create more of it during elections.

There has forever been early voting and absentee ballots in most jurisdictions, but to allow every citizen to cast a paper ballot, via the mail, and then to have those ballots honestly counted, by whatever political hack is appointed to do so, and then to get the vote logged as the voter intended, is too much for an honest person to agree to. I believe it was Joseph Stalin who said that it’s not the voting that matters, it’s who counts the votes that determines winners and losers in an election. So, once again, Democrats have learned from, and follow the teachings of, Communist dictators.

One can recall a past Florida election that tied up a tabulation of votes for weeks because of a hanging chad. Then there was the Miami election where the vote count changed daily, until a box of ballots was found in the trunk of a Democrat operatives’ car. And now the crooked Democrats want to upset the entire nation at election time, not just their own, corrupt, fiefdoms.

Scoundrels are always looking for a way to establish a system that would allow them to win every election, and that’s all this movement by Democrats is all about.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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