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Democrats And The Theory Of “Containment”

If one recalls the Obama years, when the terrorist group ISIS was committing atrocities on a daily basis, torturing, raping and killing people throughout the region of the Middle East, President Barack Obama was satisfied and pleased with himself for his policy of dealing with the terrorists by simply “containing “ them. The problem with his theory was that ISIS was spreading out over a large area of geography in the Middle East with no end in sight. This same basic theory of containment works for Democrats in all parts and aspects of government.

For example, if a Republican is accused of attacking a woman, and even if this accusation is obviously a lie, Democrats know that they can lie and get the press to print confirmation of the lies in order to get the Republican punished. But when the sitting Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, a Democrat, is credibly accused by two women of having raped them, Democrats simply “contain” the issue, talk about it for a while, and eventually the scandal goes away, with the spiking of the subject in the leftist press being the classic example of their blatant corruption.

Lois Lerner used the IRS to discriminate against the Republican party as Barack Obama was running for his second term as president. Democrats, and the leftist, lying press, simply ignored the illegal actions of Ms. Lerner, probably because an investigation would lead to the Oval Office, so they simply “contained” the issue and it went away after a period of time, with Ms. Lerner being comfortably retired with full benefits and Barack Obama having served two full terms in the White House and having “fundamentally transformed America“ a little bit more.

In 2016, when the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and the FISA Court were all politically weaponized and used to assure that Donald Trump was never elected to the White House, Democrats and the extremely corrupt press both “contained” the scandal and then expanded it by initiating a two-plus year investigation by a Special Counsel into the lie of Russian collusion, and then impeaching Trump for the lies of collaboration with Russia against American elections, and because they just didn’t like him.

Democrats practice the most corrupt, partisan politics ever seen in the United States, and their reign must come to a halt in November.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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