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Things You Could Still Do to Keep Yourself Entertained During the Corona Virus Pandemic

The Corona virus that was once only a headache for China has now become a pandemic. Within justs two months it has engulfed the entire world and has infected so many people. It is pretty scary and the situation seems to be getting worse day by day.

In the beginning, most of the countries took it lightly and kept on going with their daily business, but soon reality struck and people knew that they cannot fight this disease and the only way out of it is to avoid it through careful social behavior.

To put chaos in order, many countries and states went for a lockdown. Lockdown seems to be a pretty petrifying notion as humans are social animals and they cannot survive alone. However, in this situation, lockdown seems to be the only answer.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

There are many things that a person can do in solitude better than socializing. This lockdown has provided us ample time to do many things that we had been wishing to do for a very long time. It is the best time to spend with your loved ones.

Parents who work tirelessly day and night to earn money can now spend time with their kids and try to reconnect with them. Kids who have been to lean new skills such as cooking can now spend some quality time with their mothers and enhance their culinary abilities.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to go bonkers with boredom. We can still stay connected with our friends and family as the internet has provided us with a solution and has diminished distances.

Contribute to Society

People who have a caring and helpful streak in them and still want to keep contributing to the society can support the society by making masks since they have become a rarity and the world is in dire need of masks these days. It is relatively productive and satisfies the human desire to be cooperative and will keep you busy all day.

Start Writing

People who have always wanted to write but have had no motivation or have been busy with their fast-paced lives, this is the perfect time to start writing a journal or a diary about this outbreak and what is happening around the world. You can even write about the anxiety/stress/boredom/irritation/loneliness you’re feeling.

This journal might be a good way to preserve history for future references or might just make you feel a bit better about this whole ordeal since it is a proven fact that writing things down helps you deal with everything in a better way.

Netflix Is Always an Option

Netflix is yet another safe haven that will keep you busy. We all probably are Netflix fans? We’ve all stayed up all night binge-watching the new show we came across and regretted it the next day. This is the perfect time to binge-watch all the shows you can get your hands on without taking a trip down the guilt lane. We are precisely going to do this. In case you are worrying about your internet issues, you can click here and get a hassle-free experience.

Take Up a Hobby

This is the perfect time to work on new hobbies. Knitting has always been a hard but fruitful leisure pursuit. YouTube is filled with detailed videos regarding knitting and crocheting for beginners and for experts.

Now is the perfect time to polish your skills because let’s face it how long can we even watch Netflix or television and we also have no clue how long this pandemic is supposed to last and till when we will have to isolate ourselves.

You don’t even need to buy knitting needles if that’s what you’re worried about. You can start up with chopsticks and if you think knitting works for you, you can always buy a pair of knitting needles after this situation gets a little stable.

Start Cleaning

In our brisk paced lives we hardly get the time to clean our house. Dirty laundry litters the bedroom floor, cobwebs adorn every wall corner, the coffee stain on the sofa keeps looking at you with disdain, the heap of dishes in the kitchen has been calling you since forever and the list goes on.

Now that you are stuck at home, you can start doing all the chores you have been putting off for such a long time. Assign days for every chore. Deep clean the house one day. The next day wash all your dirty laundry. When you are finally done with all your chores and trust us it will take half the time you thought it would. Then treat yourself to a tub of ice cream or maybe a good home-cooked meal instead of that frozen pizza you keep munching on all day.

Do Some Gardening

We all love greenery and deep down we all want to have a garden of our own where we can plant every flower we like and every vegetable we like consuming, but this does not happen because a) we’re too lazy and b) looking after a garden is a big commitment.

You have the perfect opportunity now to clean up your backyard or your front yard and plant anything you want. We believe gardening is a real stress-buster plus you get someone to nurture and shower all your love on. Contact your local plant store and find out what type of plant will work best in your house. For those of us who can’t go out for a walk to get our dose of greenery, being a plant parent will be very gratifying.

Brush Up On Your Cooking Skills

This is also the time where you can learn how to cook or polish your cooking skills. I know with the lockdown going on we’re limited on food supplies but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring. You can always look up 3 or 4 ingredient recipes and try them. That way you’ll have a new skill and won’t have to live on frozen pizza anymore.


There are literally numerous activities you can indulge in to keep yourself entertained during these hard times. To help you out, we have listed a few of them for you. You can look up many other ways online to pass the time. Just make sure you are equipped with a good internet connection during this situation. If you happen to be in Austin, Texas, then Spectrum internet in Austin should probably be your go-to internet connection.

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