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Cuomo: Travel Restrictions On New York Are ‘Federal Act Of War’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that government-mandated travel restrictions on his state would be a “federal act of war.”

He also said he is willing to sue Rhode Island for implementing a policy requiring visitors from New York to self-quarantine for 14 days in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

In an interview on CNN, Cuomo reacted to President Donald Trump’s statement on Saturday that he is considering travel restrictions from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut because of high rates of coronavirus there.

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, a Democrat, signed an executive order Thursday that permits state police and the National Guard to enforce quarantine orders on New Yorkers in the state.

“That’s a reactionary policy and I don’t think that’s legal. We’re talking to Rhode Island now. If they don’t roll back that policy, I’m going to sue Rhode Island because that clearly is unconstitutional,” Cuomo said.

“I understand the goal,” he continued. “And I could set up my borders and say I’m not letting anyone in until they take a test to see whether or not they have the virus. But there’s a point of absurdity, and I think what Rhode Island did is at the point of absurdity.”

New York — and New York City in particular — have emerged as the epicenters of coronavirus in the United States. The state has confirmed more than 52,000 cases of coronavirus, while New York City has nearly 30,000. The entire United States has reported just over 110,000 cases as of Saturday.

New Jersey has the second-highest state total with just over 8,800 confirmed cases.

Cuomo also criticized Trump’s suggestion of limiting travel from the tri-state area. Trump told reporters he is concerned about travel from New York to Florida, which is a frequent destination for retired New Yorkers.

“This would be a declaration of war on states, a federal declaration of war,” Cuomo said of any travel ban.

He said other states and cities are soon likely to be hit by a wave of coronavirus cases and that it would not be feasible to lock down all of those areas.

“I don’t think the president is looking to start a lot of wars with states about now for a lot of reasons.”

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  1. This poor “Progressive” Soul believes he has outgrown the role of Governor and wants to exchange it for PRESIDENT !! What’s more….The Leftist side of FOX is sponsoring his campaign!!

    He has grown up in a wealthy political family, learning his ‘entitlements’ at a young age and now has the means to ‘buy’ his way to the (our) White House. His threatened actions against Rhode Island is his way of saying that Rhode Island’s Governor has no say so in honoring his oath to protect his people.

    His ‘righteous indignation” is blow and show that he’s tough…He wants Trump & power ONLY. He doesn’t give a rats hinny about the people. He harped on being denied ventelators and didn’t even know that several thousand were ‘just sitting’ in a warehouse and more on the way…..Does this sound like a man who is ‘supposed’ to be in charge and in the know????

    Bernie is in a cave somewhere and Biden if falling and failing on sporadic UTube blurbs…. Cuomo has wanted to run for President, but to be cycled through the elimination process like everyone else. THIS ELECTION IS ON THE TRACK DESIGNED BY LEFT WING ONE WORLD PROMOTERS.

    Ron Staiger…..take it one step further….he’s a disgrace to the ‘human’ race

  2. “ I didn’t know what a ventilator was till a few days ago” Governor of New York …..started several times in the last three days during his virtue signaling hospital side chats. Apparently he believed that this would be heartening to his audience….. hi my name is Andrew and errr ….derrr…. what the F is ventilator anyway ? Strap in New Yorkers.

  3. What’s Cuomo’s gripe? He’s been on TV ordering people to stay put and now because someone else has told them to stay put it’s unAmerican? Making people stay in their houses is also unAmerican but it’s what the government, including Cuomo, said will slow this Virus down. Now Cuomo’s upset because RI doesn’t want New Yorkers visiting them? RI is right not to want New Yorkers or a bunch of other people, running around in their state, possibly bringing the Virus with them. Did Cuomo forget NY is being called the epicenter of this Virus right now? I find it unAmerican that I’m told not to leave my home when I want and go where I want to. Most of us have stayed put and see the common sense in what is being done. But this man is now throwing a tantrum because he’s told he and his state should curb their traveling? What selfishness and arrogance from Cuomo, who does he think he is, a king?

  4. Cuomo is an embarrassment to the Italian race. After all if the Chinese are a race then so are the Italians and no one is more embarrassing to the Italian race than the Cuomo family!

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