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As Andrew Cuomo Drones On And On…

Probably the last person I want to hear from at this point in time is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but far too often, there he is on TV, droning on with choreographed hand motions, slow-speech statements and carefully enunciated words, talking about war with Trump, or flattening the new virus infection “curve statistics” and the nationalization of American hospitals. The man has nothing to say in his long, windbag appearances, but is using his position as the governor of a large, east coast, liberal, state to campaign for president.

The other day we witnessed Mr. Cuomo literally screaming at President Trump demanding: “where are my ventilators”. Then we learned that a few years ago, as a newly elected governor, when he was advised to create a stock-pile of ventilators in case of another A1N1 outbreak, as occurred in the Obama years, the good governor decided he would rather spend the money on more politically correct things like, maybe, aborting babies post-birth, or giving free stuff to the citizens of New York, whatever would be most advantageous to him as head political guy of the state. But Gov. Cuomo rejected ordering the stock of ventilators, which he now blames President Trump for a lack of.

We also learned that there were 4000 ventilators stored in a warehouse somewhere in New York that the governor and his crack staff apparently didn’t know about, but it’s easier to yell at, and launch accusations at, President Trump than to have his own administration find out what is available locally. But the topper was that the Trump administration delivered a shipment to New York the same day that Cuomo was screaming, but he had no actual, medical need for the ventilators at the time, so New York has stored them, again, in case they are needed for treatment later. The good governor was probably just using a convenient platform from which to abuse President Trump one more time, as Democrats are wont to do.

What Mr. Cuomo apparently does not understand is that if he, as president, which position he is actively seeking, had made the decision not to stock ventilators on a national level as he did on a state level, he would have negatively impacted the entire nation, not just the state of New York. But big government leftists just don’t get it.

And on the subject of big government and its involvement in the health and welfare of the nation, we need to thoughtfully and critically consider Barack Obama’s “Transformation of America” and James Clyburn’s “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision” attitudes of governing. Both statements are creepy expressions and are subservient to Rahm Emanuel’s ideal of “not letting a crisis go to waste”. These cynical expressions are the causes of some of the extended discomforts America is experiencing with the current health crisis plaguing us.

In one recent speech, Gov. Cuomo made statements that sound like he believes hospitals should be nationalized during this crisis because he doesn’t think the various private, religious and government-supported hospitals can do the job that big government can do. And he may be correct in that opinion, although not for the intended reasons. After all, we’ve never in our nation’s history seen the abuse of a magnificent institution like the Little Sisters Of The Poor, being forced to do things that their religion forbids, until the Obama government sued them, under cover of Obamacare, and required them to pay for abortions as part of their healthcare coverage.

Our nation was made free, prosperous and healthy via private corporations and enterprising individuals doing what they do in order to make a profit for themselves and serve their customers. But all government can do is issue orders and pander to those weak individuals who support the left’s give-away schemes, and that does not serve the nation’s welfare.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The Republicans allowed all the nasty Marxists to own the Corona Virus stimulation bill. NPR, PBS are paid subsidiaries of the Marxist left. Every day , every way possible spewing America destroying Marxist Critical Theory.
    We are in for some dark times, we are losing .

  2. Johnny, right in that many Republicans did, indeed, allow the Marxist et all move in. They couldn’t be bothered to vote or vet candidates. The citizens of our Great Nation were so preoccupied that they failed Stewardship 101 big time! This is a fantastic opportunity to take a ‘make up test’. It begins by all Americans sharing a common goal….control and defeat this COVID-19 monster. It does not choose its victims by party, race or creed.
    While it’s true that a weakened & sick country is easily conquered, there isn’t anything that says we have to stop fighting…on all fronts (that includes you & I)
    Brilliant minds around the globe are working on ‘weapon’ development, American Corporations have set aside profits to retool equipment to make masks, ventilators and other needed equipment. Over the Road drivers are ignoring their own safety to get goods where needed. Donald Trumps is a DIFFERENT kind of President (thank you, Lord) and has an outstanding team looking out for you.
    As we adjust to this ‘new’ normal, the blame game, cursing, crying or throwing things does no good for anyone & really plays into the hand of our enemies of not only the virus, but Socialist that want to dominate and rule.
    We are a strong Christian Country and UNITED we are a mighty army. It will take patience, time and a strong faith…..

    WE CAN and WILL WIN !!! And we need your help.

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