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Are Biden’s Gaffes A Sign Of Something Seriously Wrong With Him?


Joe Biden has always had trouble with stupid and serious gaffes that would have had a Republican thrown out of office, but with Joe it’s just “Oh that’s just Joe being Joe.” Such gaffes like when he told members of a black church that “Republicans will put ut you all back in chains” and “you can’t go into a 7-11without hearing a slight Indian accent.” But lately, these gaffes are becoming more and more serious. He doesn’t know where he is half the time, acts confused, claims things happened in his life, then denies it and gets hot under the collar and insults people. He also forgets names and last week called Chris Wallace “Chuck” and  “Frank” and Wallace had to correct him.

When he was in New Hampshire, he thought he was in Nevada. When he was in Ohio he thought he was in Iowa. He recently stated he was running for the senate and said “if you don’t like it you can vote for the other Biden” Whatever that meant.  When one potential voter disagreed with him at a town hall Biden said, “The vote for someone else” in a very angry tone. He called a young girl  “a lying dog-faced pony soldier” when she asked him why he lost big in Iowa.

These comments and actions are not the actions of a presidential candidate but rather a case of someone with a serious case of dementia forming. Yet people flocked to voting for him on Super Tuesday over Sanders.

Mark Steyne sitting in for Rush Limbaugh quipped that “the dem voters have a choice between a hardcore socialist like Bernie or a person who doesn’t know where he is half the time.”


Trump even commented at CPAC that “if Biden won the election he would be in a home somewhere and other people would be running the country.”

trump andBiden 2

Actor and political commentator and Trump supporter James Woods had an interesting perspective on his Twitter page saying:

James Woods@RealJamesWoods

So I pretty much predicted this. It’ll be #Biden and #Hillary as his vice presidential candidate. He will eventually “gracefully” resign as his dementia worsens and… Voila! #MadamePresident at last! (and in case he gets indicted for his Ukraine corruption, she’ll pardon him..


Yes very plausible indeed.

Political Pundit Dick Morris had a similar prediction when Bloomberg was running saying he would pick Hillary as his VP running mate and we all know what happens to people around the Clintons. He predicted Bloomberg will suddenly drop out or something will, unfortunately, happen to him and she would become president. But now since Bloomberg dropped out the next possibility is with Biden and Hillary. Hilary has said she’s not endorsing any candidate and will wait to see how things play out. Don’t discount her. She is power-hungry and ruthless as can be and still can’t get over that she lost and is out for revenge big time.


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