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The Real Bitter Clingers


Barack Obama once referred to middle Americans as people who cling to their God, guns, and bibles. Today’s democrats led by Adam Schiff, Gerald Nadler, Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer are the real bitter clingers as they refuse to accept the fact that they lost the election and are now losing the impeachment hoax. They are still clinging to their impeachment hoax of lies, smears and believing their own lies.

The partisan impeachment show sham is finally over next Wednesday. The Dems have failed once again in their latest coup attempt. The damage they have done to the country is incalculable. They haven’t done one thing to make the country more safe and secure or create new jobs as Trump has. Their hatred for Trump surpasses their desire to do anything for the American people.

Since the 2016 elections ended, Democrats have done nothing but try to get Donald Trump impeached and removed from office. But the President has successfully defeated every assault they’ve launched at him.

Ever since losing the 2016 election democrats have become so triggered that they are still clinging to the fact that Hilary should have been president. They have tried everything in their power to change the results and overthrow Trump. First, it was Stormy, Stormy, Stormy. That failed. Then it was Russia, Russia, Russia. That failed. Then it was collusion, collusion, collusion. That failed. Then it was the Mueller Report, Mueller report, Mueller Report. That failed. Now it’s impeachment, impeachment, impeachment and Ukraine, Ukraine Ukraine and that is failing. They are still clinging to the fact that Hillary should have one and Trump shouldn’t be there and are now trying to affect the 2020 election so they win that by hook and crook. God forbid they should do the job they were elected to do and serve the people who elected them by working on healthcare, immigration, infrastructure and other assorted jobs they should be working on that they were elected to do. But no, all they see is overthrowing Trump. Trump has done more than all the presidents combined. Imagine what could be done if they co-operated with him.

On Friday the Senate voted 51-49 not to allow additional witnesses that he House asked for and then were to have a vote to decide if they should acquit Trump or not, but Adam Schiff and fellow Dems delayed the second vote and put in a clause to have closing arguments on Monday and the final vote on Wednesday. They were hoping that Trump would postpone the State of the Union speech which was scheduled for Tuesday, but Trump said he would go through with it.

The House managers never proved their case and hoped someone would say something to prove their case. The only grounds for impeachment are bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors neither which was applicable here. They proved themselves to be desperate and defeated.

Dan Bongino speaking  on Sean Hannity’s show said: “This was like looking for a witness to a bank robbery to a bank that doesn’t exist.”

Nancy Pelosi had a complete meltdown saying that Trump should not be acquitted and his defense team should be disbarred. WOW!!!! She also went on to say that even if he is acquitted he is impeached for life.


On his radio show on Friday Rush Limbaugh said, “They’re gonna dirty up the acquittal. They’re gonna claim, “The acquittal is illegitimate because the Republicans are partisan. The Republicans are scared. The Republicans don’t have any witnesses. The Republicans know Trump did it and this is the worst thing that could happen. We’re setting Trump up to be a dictator,” and that is exactly — that is exactly — what Schumer was saying in his press conference today.

And the rub is, these people do not even want witnesses, is the bottom line.

The Democrats really don’t want witnesses. Now, the media does. The media’s a whole different ballgame. The media wants witnesses. The media are convinced that they can get a conviction. They are convinced they can get Trump thrown out of office in this impeachment trial. They’re fit to be tied that the Democrats are not gonna see this through.”


As an article on a website I saw said, “The media’s impeachment crusade was never designed to remove President Trump from office. It was just another attempt by the media to portray him negatively while signaling to an already-exhausted electorate that they’ll keep tearing our country apart with their partisan hatred unless we choose someone else in 2020.

They all fear Trump so much: It’s because they exist in the swamp as parasites, feeding off We The People who serve as their primary host. And Trump promised to drain their swamp, which would starve most of them out and leave them with nothing. So for the swamp and its many monsters and parasites, stopping Trump isn’t a matter of principle. It’s a matter of survival.”

In an interview with 60 Minutes, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe says that the DOJ considered lobbying Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office.  This is the government BEHIND the government known as the DEEP STATE.  Like or dislike Trump, there is NO excuse for this coup D’ Etat.  The deep state obviously do NOT believe in democratic elections.

Senator Rand Paul commented on the impeachment situation recently saying “Right now, Trump is the presumptive nominee. The thing is, if convicted, he wouldn’t be allowed to run. This isn’t about the 2016 election. It’s not about potential malfeasance in office. It’s about taking him off the ballot and there being chaos on the other side,” Paul stated. “If he (Trump) were to be removed from the ballot. Can you imagine the chaos? If he’s kicked out of the presidency, he’s removed from the ballot. We would have had most of our primaries by the time this happens,” the senator added.

Rand Paul

This whole thing was just a witch hunt too defame our current People elected President. Why? Because his supposed democratic rival Joe Biden has no chance and they know it, they know that at this time in America, none of the democrats can beat Donald Trump.

It always was to try to destroy Trump’s credibility and to sabotage his chances in the 2020 election. They cannot beat him on a platform with all the clown car full of socialists, Marxists, and one outright communist. The impeachment also was a way to stop his successes like tax cuts, world trade and finally ending the scum ISIS.

The latest plot by Liberals though has nothing to do with impeachment. Now they’re turning their attention back to forcing him to reveal his federal tax returns. And if he refuses to comply, they’ll BLOCK him from even appearing on ballots across the United States…which would all but guarantee victory for whichever Democratic candidate wins the primaries.

This is getting boring already.  They know they can’t beat him with the candidates they have and as Rep.Al Greene said, “ We can’t beat him so we have to impeach him.” And now that looks like it’s not working.


I’ve been warning people there is going to be a lot of cheating going on this election as the Dems are out for blood and will do anything to attain power they so bitterly cling to. Power is their drug of choice and when they are out of power they are like a drug addict in withdrawal without their fix kicking and screaming with legs and arms flying in every direction.

The media spins for the democrat s and socialists and this impeachment sham with 100% negative coverage of Trump’s defense team and 95% positive for Schiff and Co.

Yet through all this Trump’s ratings continue to rise where he is now higher than where Obama was at this time and should continue to rise as he has more and more rallies attracting tens of thousands setting records everywhere like in New Jersey last week where 178,000 people showed up in a blue state too.


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