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‘Shifty Schiff’: Trump Accuses House Intel Chairman Of Leaking Details Of Russia Briefing

President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Rep. Adam Schiff of leaking details of a briefing that intelligence community officials provided Congress earlier this month regarding Russian meddling in the 2020 election.

“Just another Shifty Schiff leak. Isn’t there a law about this stuff?” Trump wrote on Twitter in reference to a tweet from CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge.

Trump did not cite any specific evidence to back up his claim against the California Democrat.

On Thursday, The New York Times cited “five people familiar” with a Feb. 13 briefing to the House Intelligence Committee that Russia was interfering in the election in order to help Trump. Some Republicans in the briefing reportedly disputed the intelligence, and said that intelligence officials did not provide enough evidence that Russia was trying to help Trump.

Trump reportedly grew angry at Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, for approving a briefing in which Schiff was involved. The Times reported that Trump was especially perturbed that Schiff was in the briefing.

Schiff led the impeachment proceedings against Trump in the House, and was an impeachment manager for Democrats during Trump’s Senate trial. Schiff was also a leading proponent of the now-debunked theory that Trump and members of his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Others in Trump’s orbit have accused Schiff of leaking before.

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, said in a Jan. 22, 2019 interview on Fox News that there was a “99.9% chance” that Schiff was behind leaks of his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017.

Trump leveled the same accusation against Schiff in a Jan. 11, 2018 interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“All I see of these Democrats, like Adam Schiff — it’s all he does, he’ll have a meeting, and then he’ll leave, and he’ll call up the meeting, and then I’ll have a meeting and then he’ll leave. He left meetings where people are being interviewed, and then all of a sudden they say a story about what’s going on inside the meetings,” Trump said in the interview.

A spokesman for Schiff did not respond to a request for comment about Trump’s latest remarks.

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  1. ERIC EARLY……Conservative candidate CHALLENGES SCHIFF ! see Eric’s bio, show your support. Flush the Schiff down the toilet.

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