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Book Review: “American Dirt”

It’s understandable for a conservative Trump supporter to brace for another accusation of racism when he sees a newly published book that’s been approved by both the Oprah and the Barnes and Noble Book Clubs, which has the ominous title of “American Dirt”.

But the author of this book, Jeanine Cummins, has written a valuable and captivating book that details the total failure and breakdown of governments south of the American border with Mexico. The novel details the story of a woman and son fleeing Mexico, and two teenaged Latinas fleeing Honduras and traveling thru Mexico, all headed to the United States. All four are running for their lives and heading north to America to safety and a chance to live without fear and poverty. Their harrowing, dangerous and near life-ending experiences are convincingly told by Ms. Cummins, and never is there an accusing finger pointed at Donald Trump in the entire book, which is much appreciated in this era of reversed reality and outright leftist lies about Hispanic and racial hatred.

The leading character in the book suspects everyone, including members of the clergy, doctors and nurses, store sales staff and hotel managers, of working with the cartel masters to kill her and her son. This leading character even meets an actual cartel hit-man (a sicario) named Lorenzo, who has already killed several cartel enemies, and she fears he will kill her and her son, only to learn that he was actually, himself, trying to get away from the wanton killing going on in Mexico and get to America. The author didn’t say Lorenzo was trying to get to the racist, sexist America of Democrat imaginings, just the America that would allow him to be free and not fear being killed every day of his life.

But Lorenzo proves that President Trump is correct that Mexico and Central America are sending many of their worst criminals to America, with no assurance that they will not kill again, once here. And the MS13 killers that ICE is arresting, already established in the U.S., are further proof of the criminal element flowing north. Not everyone is bad, as is proven by the Mexican woman and the two Honduran girls who are traveling to America (el norte) to escape death, but with the hoards of desperate people crossing our border with no controls at all, we know that bad people are getting in and we’ve seen evidence that they often prey on Americans once they’re here.

If America has a duty, as a nation, to take in every abused person in the world, as American Democrat insists, then Russia, China, North Korea, Somalia and dozens of other nations will lose their entire populations to America if something isn’t done to stop this flow of humanity. Little known to America’s uneducated population is that in the 18th Century, America and Australia were dumping grounds and penal colonies for England’s overflow criminal population, which sounds like an ominous beginning for the future of those nations. But both America and Australia are now highly developed, wealthy, free nations with the poor of the world fleeing to them in droves, and Mexico and Central America must make the same improvements to their nations for the sake of their own citizens. They must reform themselves, get rid of their criminal element, and stop losing their best and brightest, along with their worst, citizens to America, which is causing their murderous cartel and drug problems to be shipped north with them, to the detriment of American citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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