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Score As Election Approaches: Democrats 0, Trump 307 – Trump Wins.

I’m not certain what the actual win/loss ratio is involving the show-downs between President Trump and the leftist press and the corrupt Democrats, but I know he’s winning, just as he said he would. And, by the way, we’re not tired of it yet.

The poor Democrats have been shown up once again with the latest Iran event, overseen and controlled by our winning president. The Democrats claim that chaos has ensued in the Middle East following President Trump’s order to kill the Iranian terrorist general a week ago, but the only chaos I can see is in the radically demented minds of Pelosi, Schiff, Warren, Sanders, AOC and the radical liberal-left press that so hates Trump. These hateful folks are losing to him because he is appealing to Iran to become more of a “normal“ nation, not the killing empire that Obama supported, which is an appeal for peace, and may hopefully be positively responded to by the Mullahs if they understand that they can’t defeat America with Trump at the helm.

President Trump has Democrats speaking in tongues because he does everything unlike these things have ever been done before, and he seems to win every time he attempts something new. Democrats claim that Trump has so messed things up with Iran in the last week that the Middle East will by unrecognizable in the morning. That sounds like good news and progress to any thinking person: a Middle East that has gone from terrorism, war, killing and suffering a week ago to a hope of peace and prosperity in the region today, which is what Trump offered the Mullahs in his speech Wednesday morning, would be a very good thing for all parties involved.

But we know the Democrats and the far-left press will reject and criticize anything President Trump does, so we can discount the CNN and NYT news reports from here on out, and just be thankful we have a real man in the White House.

November 2020 prediction: Trump wins, again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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