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Ilhan Omar, Liberals Accuse Trump Of Killing Terrorist Soleimani As A ‘Distraction’

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar accused President Donald Trump of killing Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani — a designated terrorist by the U.S. government — as a “distraction” from domestic political issues.

Other left-of-center Trump critics echoed Omar’s accusation that Trump authorized the strike on Soleimani as a “distraction.”

“It’s highly possible then timing of tonight’s attack was meant as a distraction,” MSNBC contributor Joyce Alene wrote on Twitter, adding “Trump wants to distract you” from the impeachment issue.

“Given that US response to the attack that killed an American contractor was so disproportionate and predictably provocative, today’s air strike feels like attempt to create a distraction from Impeachment and build support for Trump,” CNN commentator Karen Finney tweeted.

“You have to wonder if Friday’s jobs report is so bad that it caused Trump to launch attack on Iran’s Soleimani to distract?” CNN and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah wrote.

“I’m not saying he’s starting a war to distract, I’m only saying he’s EXACTLY the kind of monster who would,” wrote liberal author Mikel Jollett.

“Trump is starting his own war to distract from his own Impeachment. It’s the most obvious move and we all saw this coming,” United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher tweeted.

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  1. Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has shown herself by her words and attitude to be a 5th Columnist Provocateur. and should be brought up on charges of treason, removed from Congress, and put in prison for a significant period of time. She has an agenda that clearly does not involve protecting or promoting personal freedom, the Constitution or the United States of America. At the very least, SHE is the one who should be subject to removal from office…not President Trump.

  2. Distraction from what… exactly?

    Are you nimrod going to send articles to the senate… or keep unconstitutionally holding them in a feckless attempt to strong-arm a part of Congress you have no legal or ethical authority over?

    How about something easier?
    Give us a single criminal act. Just one… Anything…

  3. Ilhan Omar, Liberals Accuse Trump Of Killing Terrorist Soleimani As A ‘Distraction’ to distract from their PISS POOR IDIOT-OLOGY and the fact they haven’t a farts chance in a tornado of bringing down Trump OR winning the White House in 2020!!!

  4. Why has the FBI or Department of Justice not done an in-depth investigation of her past? Something smells fishie and I don’t believe she will be able to pass the mustard? SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE

  5. Distraction from impeachment? What impeachment? There is no impeachment until
    Peeloski gives the articles to the Senate. You mean the the so called impeachment that they are trying to use as a distraction from the Epstien case? Epstien didn’t kill himself!!

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