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Exposing the real “Why” of Leftists and Media Tropes of “Orange Man Bad” – Draining the Swamp


Do you feel like you are watching a preordained script packaged for consumption yet? The Leftist Media Hybrid is standing in the pulpit proselytizing “Orange Man ALL Bad,” therefore Iran must be good. Why?

We will address the why later, but for now, behold flimflam Speaker Nancy Pelosi pontificating as co-conspirator George Stephanopoulos of ABC, smooths over any exposed edges. Pelosi seems to be siding against the protesters that would like to see regime change in Iran. Just who’s side is she on? Roll the video:

Now, listen to CNN’s, Erin Burnett, who construes the true feelings of the Iranian people by using her anecdotal trip to Tehran as a media star, as evidence. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep Mike Turner (of Ohio) calmly commences edifying Erin of the realities. Roll the video:

President Trump, on the other hand, is supporting US interests. He responding to the Iranian people in the streets  in Farsi:

Triggered NYT reporter, Maggie Haberman, confusing freedom of speech, with the right to critique journalist,  Tweets:

Senator Tom Cotton (R AR) sums it up nicely:

Speaker Pelosi was elected back in 1987! Yes, that is correct, this is Pelosi’s 17th term as a congresswoman and she has been a member of the “gang of eight” during the consecutive periods of her tenure.

What is the “gang of eight?” The term was loosely used to assign those creating immigration legislation, but here the reference is to the intelligence bi-partisan assigned members of Congress who must be kept in the loop on our most highly classified and sensitive intelligence matters. Age aside, any notion that Pelosi does not grasp American-Iranian history is absurd.

So why does Pelosi work so diligently at appearing so daft?

Both Burnett and Haberman are “seasoned reporters.” Is it plausible Burnett forgot her networks’ reporting which showed a video of Iranian’s chanting “death to America” while Obama was securing the Iran deal? Hardly. Does Maggie believe that a U.S. President criticizing American press for dishonest and inaccurate reporting is akin to the Iranian Regime imprisoning, torturing, and murdering reporters who do not tow the party line? Surely not!

So what gives?

RFSO’s position is that apparent orchestrated collusion involves those with free agency and those without. This blood pact playing out, on all social media platforms and out of the mouths of elected officials, facilitates more than just political maneuvering for votes to achieve power.

Look closely again … real close this time:

Soleimani is evil and a bad man, BUT the “Orange Man” is more evil and far worse!

The BUT and uniformity the Leftist Media Hybrid speech is the tell-all. The desperate push to frame every event or issue in the era of Trump, 98% of the time, in either black or white terms creates the needed dichotomy. There is never any nuance, context, or perspective offered.

Again the question is why?

RFSO supposition is as follows: Keep your half of the divide in the dark and pray you can delude non-committed strays in the Hinterlands as long as possible. Another take on it would be to say they seek no woke sheeple to the con. What does the Leftist Media Hybrid want to keep hidden? Well, at a minimum, the realization that Democrats have been on the wrong side of history on slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Civil Rights, the Arab Spring, ISIS, Regulatory and Tax policy and of course Socialism vs. Capitalism and this is only the shortlist.

However, the minimum has always been a constant in America’s political two-party system. RFSO asserts the big picture involves diversion and distraction from truths that would weaken or strip the Left’s power grip. Leftists are totalitarian and view individual liberty as an existential threat. Hating Trump is not nearly as powerful as a motive for the hybrid as stopping Trump’s success is.

A successful Trump Presidency means exposing the pay to play con, removing the corrupt whose allegiance is to foreign entities, and reducing the size of government’s footprint in American’s lives. It means strengthening our military, borders, communities, and societal moral tone (shared values). Trump’s domestic policy fully implemented means economic freedom opportunity for all to place a foot on the ladder rung and not just become dependent on government. Trump’s success would shift the paradigm from hedonism and nihilism being culturally glorified back towards sacred meanings and truths, the sanctity of life, actions have consequences and limits, and respect for common traditions. “America First,” is the prescription to cure Identity Politics and stop the infection we shall call – youth indoctrination. But draining the swamp won’t be easy.

Yes, distracting away from the failures of Spy-Gate, Whistleblower-Gate (Durham, Huber, and the IG) investigations and a host of other Justice investigations is critical. Diverting from the humiliation of impeachment sham is also imperative. But keeping the curtain down and rose-colored glasses on so the masses do not connect the dots is the WHY for most of the insane lunacy we witness presently in American Political Life. Connect the dots and “daft appearing”  people may no longer enjoy personal freedom much less maintain power.

If the sides find common ground and we ever come together … they lose. 

Note: RFSO does not exclude any political affiliation from the label of leftist. Leftist lurk in both parties.


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One Comment

  1. Very astute observations and further confirmation to what many of us must already sense in our understanding.

    It isn’t the whole picture, of course – just the political social aspects. There have been men so arrogant from the earliest recordings of man’s government to attempt to steal the entire planet because they believe it is rightfully theirs. And they attempt to steal it not only from other men but from God Himself. The very earliest recordings of human government seem to indicate the notion of collectivism over even the power of God. The story of the Tower of Babble, for instances rings of collectivism and may be considered the true advent of communism.

    Man has been attempting make himself god from the very beginning. The left hates any belief that points to something or Someone who is greater than they… i.e. man caused Climate Change (when the truth is every human being on the planet can stand shoulder to shoulder, front to back inside the County of L.A.)

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