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‘Be Prepared To Protect Yourself’: Texas Shooting Hero Jack Wilson Speaks Out

The man who stopped a Texas church shooting warned that every American should “be prepared to protect yourself” in a video released Sunday.

Jack Wilson, who is an armed security guard at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, spoke out about the Dec. 29 shooting in an exclusive interview with the student activist group Turning Point USA.

Wilson spent 30 years in the “defense world,” six years in Texas Army National Guard, and taught people how to shoot for 21 years at his own business, he explained in the video. And the hero has a message for his fellow Americans: “There is evil in the world. Be prepared to protect yourself.”

When the shooter entered the church on the morning of Dec. 29, Wilson said he quickly noticed the individual’s obvious wig and fake beard.  He explained that he observed the shooter at length and had gone into the audiovisual room at the church to put one of the cameras specifically on the shooter.

The shooter got up and briefly spoke to someone — and then pulled out his shotgun.

“By that time, Richard and I were both pulling our firearms out,” Wilson said, referring to fellow congregant and security guard Rich White, who the shooter killed. “Richard told him, ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun.’ He shot Richard immediately. He turned and shot Tony Wallace.”

“I had people in front of me that prevented me from taking a body shot or torso shot,” the church security guard added. “The only shot I had was the headshot.”

Wilson said he took the headshot, and the shooter went down.

“From the time the individual turned with the gun in his hands till I was over him was a total of six seconds,” he said.

Wilson credits God with giving him both the training and the mindset to stop the shooter from harming more people in the congregation.

“It doesn’t start at that moment you need to protect yourself,” he warns. “You have to learn to use a firearm that you’re comfortable with, become proficient with it, train with it.”

Without the 2nd amendment, Wilson says that he believes “very strongly” that “you will lose all other rights.”

“The firearm is not the evil thing,” he said. “The person who had it is either evil or good. It’s not a firearm issue, it’s a person issue.”

“I don’t feel like I killed an individual,” the hero finishes. “I killed evil, I took out evil.”

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