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App developers: why not create an app like Discord? These are the features that make a really great app

Take it or leave it, our world, today, runs on app. If there’s anything you can think of right now, I’m quite sure there is an app for it. With each passing day, the app development world receives so many innovative app ideas and brand new designs. But despite the wealth of app options available today, consumers are still not satisfied. Every day, there is a massive demand for new apps, and thanks to the ingenuity of app developers, the market never runs dry, which means that consumers’ needs are continually met.

However, there is no hiding the fact that not all apps are up there with the best. In fact, the world of app development today receives as much well-designed apps, as it does poorly-designed ones. And as expected, consumers have never shied away from making their feelings and opinions known. You visit various mobile app stores, and you find so many scathing reviews and low ratings for the poorly-performing apps, while you find impressive reviews for the great ones. My point being? As an app developer, if your mobile app doesn’t boast all, or at the very least, some of the features consumers expect to see, they will not only rate your app poorly, but they will also bad-mouth your product, thereby negatively impacting your market status and revenue generation. Taking Discord, as a point of reference, the app has enjoyed such success that it has not only become a household name in the digital world, but it has also become the standard for which apps are rated in the app development world. But guess what; the secret to the success of Discord is none other than the brand’s understanding of app development. They’ve found a way to incorporate all the features expected of a gaming program into their app, while also providing further additional benefits. This then begs the question: what exactly makes a great app? What are the features consumers expect to find when they launch your app? Do I just copy Discord and add all their features into my app? Find the answers to these and much more in the next frame!


One of the biggest features of any app is its simplicity and user experience. Without the perfection of both, your app development process isn’t complete. Forget the great solution your app brings to the table; is it simple and easy enough for an average gadget user to understand? Nowadays, most people have short attention spans, and as such, if you make your app too difficult to navigate, then they have no problem jumping on the next available train – probably that of your competitors. Clear, uncluttered screens with obvious leads to the next step in the app process and no ambiguity improve user experience and will encourage consumers to use it.


In this day and age, fast-loading apps are in such great demand than ever before. No one likes to be kept waiting; they just want to reach their apps, make a few clicks here and there, and get their desired results, all within the twinkle of an eye. This feature is appropriately adopted by Discord, wherein you find gamers interacting with their communities within split seconds without any waiting time or delay. In a similar vein, consumers expect to get instant answers when they use your app, not delayed responses. If you will like to adopt an approach similar to that of Discord in your app development process, you can click here , to learn more.

Image resolution

Regardless of the type of app you’re developing – whether business, gaming, finance, sporting, or news – top quality image resolution is still king. While you have to balance app speed against functionality and resolution, you have to ensure that what you have on screen is sufficiently detailed to make the user experience worthwhile. Gone are the days of blurry screens and blocky graphics; today’s app users expect nothing short of high-definition and sparkling images. Otherwise, you risk limiting your app sales!


This is another feature missing from most app development processes. More often than not, you find some exciting apps on certain operating systems, but missing from certain others. There are three major operating systems in our world today – Windows, iOS, and Android – and in order to achieve the optimum app sales, your app needs to be available on all these platforms.


Did you know that app users are gradually becoming sensitive to the security level of the apps they download now? Unlike in previous times when no one really cared about whether an app is safe or not, so long as money and financial details aren’t involved. However, due to the ever-increasing issue of internet security, people are now very much aware of the threat they face anytime they go online. Even if your app operates with the offline mode, users still want guarantees that their info and personal details are safe with you. With many applications storing personal details and sensitive information or credit and debit card details, security is an absolute must.

Push notifications

This is another feature that users expect to find on any given app. With the daily hustles and bustles of life, no one really has the time to be searching the internet for the newest updates or latest trends; instead, they will be much glad to have someone or something doing the reminding for them – and in comes push notifications. Push notifications alert users of new updates, reminders, or anything you want. Push notifications are great to offer your users because they provide them with real-time information, and works better than “spammy” emails.

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