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The global movie industry produces and releases thousands of movies annually. There are some movie giants like Hollywood and Bollywood, originating from USA and India respectively, which are respected for making high quality cinematic movies that attract audiences from all over the world. Millions of dollars are spent on making them and even more money is earned from the screenings and shows. By this point, this industry is one of the biggest parts of the entertainment business. There are some other producers too: Tollywood, Lollywood etc. These boards are from less rich countries and their movie industries are run on lower budgets but have shown some great potential by creating some good movies over time.

There are some tricks that the directors of movies can use to make sure that they are attractive to people worldwide, receive high rankings and earn them a lot of money. The first of these is to use actors that already well established in the market. By casting great actors, the movie makers can not only use them for extensive marketing, but also show the fans that they are in for a treat. Seeing their favorite actors and actresses in a movie means that fans would definitely look forward to the movie. This helps in creating a good amount of hype for the movie before it even releases. Moreover, the directors are advised to focus on content and delivering a story within the movie. A well-drafted being told beautifully makes for legendary movies that last in memories of people for many years.

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Another obvious aspect is to add some humor in the movies. Some of the best classics that audiences tend to love involve comedy and fun. Humorous movies are also suitable for a bigger audience as children can be included in the probable target audience. This means that you can attract full families to the movies and therefore earn more money. Apart from earning, almost all movies contain humor in them, even if for just a small part. When your audience laugh during the movie, they are very much likely to remember their experience positively. In addition to the above, a twist ending is probably the only thing that can ensure that your movie’s name stands with the best in the world. The movies that are regarded the best of all time share one common theme: an extremely surprising twist ending. The story builds up beautifully but the ending cannot be guessed by even the biggest fans. It is only at the last 2 to 3 minutes of the movie that the true motive of the main character is revealed to the spectators.

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Such endings make the audience lose their mind (in a good way) after watching the movie and the people think about the movie for a long time. Also, twist endings also attract the highest rating from the famous critics of movies like Rotten Tomatoes etc. If these sites rank you high, then you deserve to be congratulated.

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